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My Notes 29-September-2017 29-09-2017
Dear Students,
Please follow My notes and My video 29-September-2017.

The activist and the intellectual

We often use these roles interchangeably, but there are many fine differences. An activist is a moral agent and he/she believes in doing. An intellectual is academically motivated and he develops a perspective and argument for social change.

Activism is more democratic and egalitarian. Becoming an intellectual needs an access to quality education and resources. An opportunity to become an activist is easily available.

An activists action is more fundamentally a moral action. On the other hand, an intellectual action is more often epistemic, an action concerned with information and knowledge. An activist works with poor and marginalised and it involves a sense of giving and giving up some thing.

So, an intermediate position between these two is organic intellectualism. It is an attempt to bring back morals in the pursuit of knowledge.

It can be stated that activists and intellectuals are essential for protecting the society from two of the greatest dangers - profit and power.


Expanding the common ground

South Asian policy of President Trump is remarkably different from the Past. His criticism on safe heavens of Pakistan is straight and he clearly expressed for a greater role for India. India has made it clear to take forward 116 high impact community development projects with no boots on the ground. New Delhi agreed to strengthen security cooperation through training of Afghan police and defence forces.

Stronger defence ties are growing with USA. India is the only country outside its Allie sto receive 22 sea Guardian UAV for Maritime reconnaissance from USA.

India is also expected to play a greater role in Asia Pacific and Act East policy of India made its engagement with east Asia and South east Asia robust.


Tokyo Dreams

President Shinzo abe has announced for snap polls to lower house - Japanese diet in late October. He aims to get a fresh mandate for revision of pacifist constitution.


Hope in Darjeeling

Long term solution for Gorkhaland issue lies in greater autonomy to Gorkhaland territorial administration.


Will Swachh Bharat Abhiyan be a success?

  1. building of toilets is on a robust pace. It is expected to have a liberating impact on Indian women.
  2. Five states have declared themselves as Open delectation free states.

On the other side,

  1. Swachh Bharat shall have proper integration of various components such as drinking water, seepage management, sewerage networks, prevention of manual scavenging, sold waste management.
  2. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan has to focus on urban areas too. Decentralisation, segregation of garbage at source, and encouraging community/household treatment of waste is the only viable alternative.
  3. Behavioural change is a critical component in adopting toilets. Expenditure shall be raised on information, education and communication.
  4. The mission for a clean India will nor work with out breaking the link between caste and occupation.



India signs MOU to train Afghan police. 


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