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Growth has fallen, but govt.can reverse trend, says PM

Prime minister modi in his address has highlighted the following points

  1. Post demonetisation, cash to GDP ratio down to 9% from the existing 12%.
  2. He also cited statistical information to show that consumer demand is going up.


RBI holds interest rates, warns against fiscal laxity

Reserve bank of India kept interest rates unchanged citing following reasons.

  1. Inflation expectations are high.
  2. International crude oil prices are going up.
  3. Kharif agricultural production is not as expected.
  4. States loan waivers and pay revisions can spur demand in the economy.
  5. RBI projected range for CPI inflation is 4.2% to 4.6% and economic growth in GVA terms is 6.7%.


Chemistry Nobel

The work - cryogenic electron microscopy by Jacques Dubochet, Joachim Frankand Richard Henderson makes it possible to image proteins and other molecules after freezing them rapidly to preserve their shape, providing a powerful new tool for medical research. “ won Nobel prize for chemistry.





Gathering clouds over west Asia

Joint comprehensive plan of action (nuclear deal) is signed between Iran and six major power. Threat of sanction has brought Iran to the discussion table and halted its development of nuclear bomb. President Trump has to certify Iran’s compliance and if not US congress can re impose sanctions. President Trump is reluctant to certify Iran compliance. According to him. Deal did not address Iran’s non nuclear behaviour and it is too generous. If it happens consequence can be devastating.

  1. Iran may go back to building a nuclear bomb. 
  2. EU - USA relations may get realigned. Europe’s reaction will have extremely important ramifications for the future of the deal.
  3. Iran’s largest trading partners like china, Russia may not be willing to comply with he sanctions.
  4. Saudi - Iran sectarian conflict can be deepened.
  5. Washington’s credibility in future diplomacy will suffer.
  6. Iran - Pakistan relations can drastically challenge effecting India’s interests.


The terms of consent

The  2013 amendment define consent as an unequivocal voluntary agreement when a woman by words, gestures or any form of verbal and non verbal communication, communicates willingness to participate in the specific sexual act. Absence of physical resistance would not by itself amount to consent.

High court of Delhi in recently acquitted mr Farooqi on the ground that the road victim failed to communicate her unwillingness in a way appellant can understand. In this focus has been shifted from what the woman said to what the man understood.



2017 Nobel prize is awarded to the LIGO-VIRGO collaboration for their detection of gravitational waves arising form the merger of two black holes.  gravitational wave astronomy is now a science of the near future whereby black holes, neutron stars and more such objects may be mapped.


Coal fired projections

The draft energy policy by NITI AAYOG has certain pitfalls. They are

  1. There is a focus on renewables. But, depends on coal is expected to continue for base load generation. But, there is no parity between coal production estimates and coal consumption in the future.
  2. Policy did not adequately look in to the role of electrical vehicles in the future.
  3. India’s oil consumption is expected to rise but policy not clear about rising refining capacities, import dependance of oil. 


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