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Attacks by cow vigilantes must stop, SC tells states

Supreme Court of India has asked states to deploy senior police officers to take action on cow vigilantes. It also advised centre to give a directive to the states under Art 256 of the constitution.

( As per Art 256 of the constitution of India union can give directions to state if it deems necessary for a purpose.). Supreme court also held that Non violence is the founding faith of this country.


Modi gives call to respect Myanmar’s integrity

PM Modi shared Myanmar’s concerns over Extremist violence and urged all the stakeholders to find a solution that respects the country’s unity.


India and Japan to diversify defence ties

India and Japan agreed to deepen their defence cooperation under Japan - India Special strategic and global partnership. This includes anti Submarine warfare, counter terrorism, humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.


Corporate governance panel report to come by month end

SEBI appointed a panel on corporate governance headed by Uday Kotak and is expected to submit its report by month end.


District wise plan to help boost Manufacturing

Commerce and industry minister proposed for a district wise industrial investment plan to boost share of manufacturing in country’s GDP.


Interview - Raghu ram Rajan

Former RBI governor Raghu ram Rajan has stated that

  1. Commercial decisions shall be made at the level of Banks rather that at RBI. Fear of prosecution under prevention of corruption act is making the bank officers risk aversive.
  2. Merger of weak banks with healthy banks shall not create a large weak bank in the country.



Testing times in the Korean Peninsula

North Korea testing a hydrogen bomb clearly shows that, regime believes nuclear deterrence is the only way forward to protect the regime. Old policies are no longer working and a new approach is necessary to deescalate tensions. USA policy under mr.Trump has been Maximum pressure on engagement with China. In this scenario, for china nuclear North Korea is a lesser threat than the collapse of the regime. So, its support is half hearted.

Inconsistency in USA policy is also a reason for the present situation of dead lock. USA has a greater objective of unification of korea and is an ally for South Korea and Japan. In post Cold War era, USA and USSR withdrew Naval and Tactical nuclear weapons globally, both korea’s have signed a joint declaration on the denuclearization of Korean Peninsula. Later, with resumption of South Korea - USA military exercises positions got hardened.

In 1993, North Korea threatened to withdraw from NPT and an agreement with USA has led to its postponement and USA has promised for two nuclear reactors to it. They are never delivered to them. Clinton administration also has extended aid of $800mn. Here, direct talks between USA and North Korea yielded results.

Bush administration went back on 1994 framework agreement and declared North Korea as an Axis of Evil. Later North Korea has quit from NPT and six party talks tried to appease the situation. They emphasized on a peace treaty to replace 1953 armistice. Later USA imposed new sanctions and North Korea responded with a nuclear test. Six party talks have failed.

So, the way forward is larger goals like denuclearization and reunification have to be set aside. Direct negotiations need to be initiated.


A case for universal Medical care

Medical care and Medical education are not separated from each other. Escalated costs of medical education are also escalating the costs of medical treatments.


Death of an activist

Killing of journalist activist Gauri Lankesh is meant to send a strong message to rational community. It has followed a series of killings of kalburgi, Govind pansare, Narendra Dabholkar.

India is already been placed in 136 position on press freedom index. It is expected to slip further down.


Mountains of Garbage

Waste management rules are continued to be ignored even a year after they are notified by the Government. Solid waste management is an important function of urban local bodies. Waste separation at source, converting organic waste in to useful manure have not taken roots at ground level. Central pollution control board shall take periodic assessment of the ground situation.


Development must be climate smart

Extreme rainfall events are increasing india and are a reason for Urban flooding. In this scenario, attribution of the same to climate change needs strong scientific proof. Added to this, excessive rainfall poor management of drains, encroachments, misuse of wetlands all added to the urban floods. So, urbanization has to be based on ecological principles and it shall be climate smart. 


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