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My Notes 10-October-2017. 10-10-2017

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  1. Gujarat HC commutes death sentence of 11 Godhra convicts to life imprisonment.
  2. SC bans sale of crackers in Delhi for this Deepavali. It is an effort to promote pollution and fore cracker free Deepavali.
  3. Nobel prize for economics went to Richard.H.Thaler for his contribution to the field of behavioural economics. He explored the consequences of limited rationality, social preferences, lack of self control.
  4. Insecurity among business community should end to see higher investment. Former Media advisor to Prime Minister has stated that insecurity  and fear among business community is dissuading them from taking risks. Business leaders also shall be seen as nation builders by the political class.
  5. Parsi women plea’s for constitutional bench - As per special marriages act, a Parsi woman married outside the religion is not allowed to practice her religion. It is criticised as violative of Art 25 of the constitution that provides freedom to profess, practice and propagate religion.
  6. China to step up war on corruption.- Chinese anti corruption agencies are expected to take fight against the corruption to next level on second rung of communist party leaders.



Tail wags the dog in Kathmandu

Ideologically centred United Marxist Leninist and Nepali congress are after Maoists for electoral gains and to gain access to power. Recent left coalition for upcoming provincial and parliamentary elections Is an expression of this. India’s interventionism and china’s support for Maoists also can be stated as reasons.


Knitting a safety net

Suicide is the second leading cause of death among the age group 15-29 years. The major reasons are

  1. Wreaking social systems and economic  break down.
  2. Sense of loss of autonomy, self reliance among the mentally ill patients. - thwarted sense of belongingness and burdensomeness.
  3. Cost of treatment is too high.


Way forward

  1. To create a responsive health system with a sense of commitment and urgency.
  2. Improving access to health care.
  3. Single window health and social care system.
  4. Social training to all.


Towards transparency

The collegium consisting of Chief Justice of India and four senior most judges has made a decision to transparently declare the reasons behind appointment, transfer and promotion  of judges. It is a welcome step. Added to this, Supreme Court shall take a decision on revised memorandum of procedure. A permanent secretariat for the collegium is ideal for the task.


Problem animals

Translocation of animals from one region to other as a response to conflict does not work. Large predators need a certain prey density and if not they will find their way back. Added to this, translocation also leads to conflict between predators and their aggressive behaviour is expected to increase. So, a scientific approach is necessary to arrest human- animal conflict.


Fixing the steel frame

Civil services in India is designed on British lines. After Fulton committee recommendations, civil services character has permanently changed and focus  shifted from a system based on seniority to a system based on merit. In India, still seniority and generalist nature is considered as important. So, Indian civil services have to be shifted towards specialisation. Clusters have to be created for a group of related sectors and a officer shall be allocated in the same sector.


At Bonn, Stay the course.

There are many challenges climate negotiations are expected to face in the coming future.

  1. USA decision to move out from Paris agreement.
  2. INDC - announced by all countries put together can not regulate rise in temperature to below 2degree c.
  3. Many of the INDC are conditional - it mean they depend on financial and technological support from rich countries. 


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