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My Notes 11-October-2017. 11-10-2017
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11 October 2017


Passive euthanasia already a law, says Government

Passive Euthanasia is an act of withdrawing life support to a terminally ill patient who is in a persistent vegetative state or suffering from an irreversible medical condition. Supreme Court of India in Aruna Shanbaug case had issued comprehensive guidelines for passive Euthanasia. Government is finalising a draft law - The management of Patients with Terminal Illness - withdrawal of life support bill to give effect to this.


Post Doklam, the healing touch of Yoga - cultural soft diplomacy is taking a new shape between India and china through yoga courses offered both in India and China.


SC ruling on consent today : different definitions of a child under different laws is a major issue in india. As per the protection of children from sexual offences act, 2012 a child is defined as any person less than 18 Years. As per section 375 of Indian penal code, intercourse with wife of 15 years is not a crime as they are in a wedlock. SC is expected to end these anomalies.


UP plans 100 metre Ram statue under Navya Ayodhya Scheme.


Can act against Haqqani network if USA gives evidence: Pak



Measuring Judicial Merit

Judiciary opening up decisions of collegium for public is a historic step towards transparency in Judiciary. Still some work is pending. Development of Criteria for evaluation of Merit, Metrics for their measurement are very important. Biggest challenge is many of these criteria are not amenable for measurement.

Criteria like Judicial reasoning, integrity are important traits to be possessed by Judges. It shall be reiterated that Judicial legitimacy comes from reasoning.


Is ‘deep sea fishing the silver bullet?

Fishing with trawlers in srilankan waters by fisherman from Tamilnadu is a major issue between India and Sri Lanka. India is planning to encourage Tamil Nadu fisherman to shift towards deep sea fishing by offering necessary equipment and boats at concessional loans. But control, Monitoring and surveillance are essential to make it effective. Added to this, fisher man in Tamilnadu are habituated for a day fishing and deep sea fishing is a long haul fishing. It needs behavioural change.


Foggy Thinking

Winter Pollution is a major problem in New Delhi. The reasons for this are construction dust, burning of crop residue, generators, waste burning, Vehicular pollution etc. recent SC decision to ban sale of fire crackers for this Deepavali appears to be a very short sighted and late decision.


Well deserved nudge

Economics Noble to Richard Thaler reminds us the need to understand limits of rationality in decision making to make policy decisions more practical. His limited rationality, social preferences, lack of self control are important for economic modelling. In a nutshell, his theories made economics made more human.


Focus should be on scaling up the use of innovations

-Dy director General for programmes at WHO - Dr. Soumya Swaminathan.

  1. In Public health science, data and evidence are important for policy making.
  2. Involvement of patient voices, community and civil society are extremely important for public health gains.
  3. The focus of health care delivery should be on bringing affordable, quality health care and scaling up the use of innovations.
  4. There is a need to balance the needs and demands of intellectual property protection and access, equity in health care delivery. Universal health coverage is a biggest area of concern for developing countries.
  5. Emerging Epidemics is a major challenge for developing countries.
  6. Emerging life style diseases, excessive dependance on carbohydrate diet, micro nutritional deficiency are growing concerns for india. Labelling for food, taxes on low quality food, micro nutrient fortification are few steps we can insider. 


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