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Sexual intercourse with minor wife is rape, says SC

Supreme Court of India held that sexual intercourse by a man with his wife, who is below 18 years of age is rape. It has declared exceptions to section 375 of Indian penal code as invalid. Supreme Court also stated that the exception clause took away the right of a girl child for bodily integrity and reproductive choice. It brings commonality in decision of child between IPC and POSCO act.


PM’s advisory council acknowledges slow down - PM economic advisory council headed by Chairman Bibek debroy acknowledged economic slow down. Inspite of this, It has suggested that Government shall not stray away from fiscal consolidation.


Anupam Kher to head FTII - Anupam Kher is appointed as the new chairman of the premier film and television institute of India replacing Gajendra Chauhan.


Prime Minister gives a fillip to rural goods - Prime Minister has urged Government departments to follow an outcome based approach ensure comprehensive rural development. Added to this, he stated that democracy was not just about winning elections but ensuring participative development.


Spanish Prime Minister threatens to suspend Catalonia’s autonomy - Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has threatened to suspend Catalonia’s autonomy if it followed through on its threat to break away as an independent country.



Learning from History

History can not be erased and one shall start understanding it  and reforming oneself for a better future. Philosopher Juergen Habermas acknowledges the task of acknowledging  the past and learning from the past. Germany is an example for the same. Germany was able to overcome holocaust past to evolve as a multi cultural nation. So, a refusal to address the past results in social pathologies.

Gandhiji defended an alternative notion of politics based on Swaraj, non violence, pursuit of the truth and subordination of power to ethics. His philosophy is indebted to great spiritual and moral traditions of Hinduism, Islam, Christianity and Buddhism.

So, India shall know why Gandhiji is killed and what ideals the killers have hated rather than arguing who killed Gandhiji.


The architecture of Choice

Nudge philosophy of Richard Thaler majorly aims to make us understand that humans are irrational in a systemic way and it can be understood for economic modelling. Behavioural economics majorly helps us in constructing choices.


Banning the bomb

ICAN won the Nobel peace prize for 2017 . It is instrumental in nations adopting the Treaty on the prohibition of nuclear weapons. ICAN’s emphasis on the humanitarian consequences of nuclear destruction have galvanised global support for the new treaty. Nuclear weapons are weapons of mass destruction last on the list to be banned.


The will to die

Advance directives or living will is recognition of a patients autonomy and self determination to make decisions in case of terminal illness or persistent vegetative state. A living will decreases moral burden on the family members and care givers of terminally ill patients.

There is a concern that it can be misused and can result in the neglect of the elderly. Stringent safeguards are necessary in certifying the living will. SC has hinted that a medical board has to be constituted in every district for purpose of certifying a patients condition that

  1. Disease can not be treated in modern medicine.
  2. Any further treatment is expected to cause more pain.


Accountability, not armour plating

Government of India has recently announced 25,000 cr rupees for modernising police forces int he states. It is expected to decreases their dependance on para military forces of the centre and can improve forensic laboratories for better investigation. Other issues still remain unanswered.

  1. Democratisation of police force,  autonomy in investigation and unaccountability remain unaddressed. Reforms are geared towards technical and infrastructural advancements and reforms which are geared towards greater checks and balances are resisted and violated.
  2. Underutilisation of funds is a major problem in the past modernisation exercises. It need to be accounted for first before releasing more funds. 


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