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My Notes 13-October-2017. 13-10-2017
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Tanwar s acquitted in Aarushi case

Aarushi Talwar murder case has raised many of the issues criminal investigation is suffering in India.

  1. Collection of evidence and maintaining sanctity of crime scene.
  2. Inefficiencies of state police force to handle cases of this nature.
  3. Media trial to fix victims and culprits
  4. Slow Judicial process.
  5. Excessive dependance on CBI for investigation to avoid controversies by the state political bosses.



In a marked departure from multi culturalism USA and Israel have quit UNESCO. UNESCO is the first UN agency to have admitted Palestine as a full member in 2011.


SC clears the air on senior lawyer designation

Senior Lawyer status granted to a person is a prestige in legal profession. So, far the judges of supreme court and High courts had sole discretion for whom to grant this seniority status. For the first time, the court recorded that the pro bono work done by lawyers would be a major consideration for grant of the seniority status.


The Bench directed the setting up of a permanent committee headed by the Chief Justice of India and consisting of two senior most Judges of the SC or the high courts. The panel will have the Attorney General of India or the Advocate General of the state in case of high court. The fifth member of the panel would be nominated from the bar.


Hamas, Fatah ink deal on Palestinian reconciliation - Rival Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah signed an agreement on on ending a decade long split following talks mediated by Egypt in Cairo, with President Mahmud Abbas calling it a“final” accord.



The House on primrose hill

Freedom is important for completeness of human life. How it is attained may vary from person to person. It took the shape of knowledge for Ambedkar to gain freedom from caste, poverty.


Talk it over

Catalonia has recently conducted referendum on freedom from Spain. Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has warned serious consequences for Catalonia and its autonomy if it goes a head with independence proclamation. He has warned of triggering of Art 155 of the constituent to exercise direct control over Catalonia by the central govt. Court also has stated that referendum has no legal basis and constituent do not allow for secession. In this scenario, Catalan president Charles puigedemont call for dialogue with federal government is a sign to break the stalemate.


Saving child brides

Supreme Court of India has adjudged that any sexual intercourse with a girl child of less than 18 years irrespective of a marital relation is considered as a crime. Here two major issues are

  1. Culture of child marriages in India
  2. Age of consent for teenagers.

child marriage is a social evil that adversely affects the physical and mental health of children, denies them opportunities for education and self advancement, infringes on their bodily autonomy and deprives them of any role in deciding on many aspects of their lives.

POSCO act criminalises even a consensual teenage sexual activity. Boys between 16 to 18 years of age can be tried for rape, a heinous crime  if they are involved in consensual act as per juvenile justice act. So, whether 18 is the appropriate age for consent in this day and age remains a moot question.


Will India get over its obsession with god men?

Reasons for growth of god men in india

  1. Intense social and cultural crisis in middle class due to market forces.
  2. Education failure to promote rational thinking and scientific temper in India.
  3. Coexistence of modernity with Irrationality and obscurantism is hallmark of transitional societies like in India
  4. Developmental failure of the sate and state institutions failed to reach poor and marginalised.
  5. Political mobilisation and patronage for god men for vote bank consolidation.
  6. Caste discrimination in Hinduism.
  7. Long line of spiritual tradition in Indian society.



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