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My Notes 14-October-2017. 14-10-2017
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SC asks centre to strike a balance on Rohingya issue

SC of India held that a balance should be struck between humanitarian concern for the community and country’s national security and economic interests.


Sabarimala entry row goes to constitutional bench.

Sabarimala temple prohibits women of menstrual age to enter in to temple. So, prohibiting religious rights of women on a biological factor exclusive to women is argued to be an injustice and violation of their religious right.


Islamabad to revive talks on terror

the Afghanistan Foreign Ministry has announced a revival of the Pakistan led Quadrilateral Coordination Group (QCG) to bring the Taliban into talks. Meeting of members from China, Pakistan and Afghanistan, would be held in Oman, Muscat.


Prime Minister asks his team to co opt officials

Prime Minister NarendraModi wants his Ministers to be well acquainted with bureaucrats of their home States for the smooth functioning of government and to accelerate its decision making processes.


USA will not certify Iran nuclear deal, says Trump



Six steps to job creation

  1. Industrial trade policy need to be announced. Anomalies like inverted duty structure need to be corrected. Many sectors like aluminium, steel, electronics are effected due to inverted duty structure.
  2. Special packages  are needed for Labour intensive industries to create jobs.
  3. There should be cluster development to support job creation in MSME’s. cluster development programme of the ministry of MSME’s is poorly funded.
  4. Urban development need to be aligned with manufacturing clusters.
  5. Spilling shall happen close to clusters. There need to be a special focus on women.
  6. Public investment in health, education, police and judiciary can create many government jobs.


The legal message

Supreme Court of India is able to correct an anomaly in law related to women by criminalising a sex between a man and his minor wife. But, it did not take in to cognisance of Marital rape - An another exception to rape. It is inherent in the patriarchal notions of our society. This socialisation is getting reinforced through family and societal institutions, popular culture and media.

  1. It is argued that If marital rape is brought under the law, the entire family system will be under great stress.
  2. The Government thinks it will be used as a tool to harass men.
  3. The unjust treatment of marital rape as an exemption stems from three common law notions: marriage constitutes a contract, which includes the woman’s irrevocable consent to sex; a woman is the property of her husband, and rape is a violation of a man’s property rather than a crime against women; and after marriage, a woman’s identity becomes part of her husband’s.

On another perspective, marital rape has to be seen as a component of gender violence.


Keen contest ahead

Himachal Pradesh is high on social development indices in comparison to other states in India. A definite trend in the state is two national parties are the major opponents in election fray. More or less it is becoming a trend that, in smaller states regional parties are unable to survive.


Benefit of doubt

In Aarushi Talwar Murder case, SC curt has acquitted her parents. The Talwars trial exposes media role, weakness in evidence collection, poor investigation etc. Finally. State has failed to bring home the guilt of the accused or it has prosecuted the wrong people.



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