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My Notes 16-October-2017. 16-10-2017
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Pakistan withdraws terror charges against hafiz speed -

Pakistani authorities have withdrawn terrorism charges against Hafiz saeed and the Jamat Ud Dawa. It paves way for his release. He is designated as an international terrorist by USA, UK and India.


Pro bono criterion for Judges too?

Supreme Court issued guidelines which stated that a person to be designated as a senior lawyer should have fought certain number of cases pro bono. Similarly, Government wants to follow the same principle to be followed in the appointment of judges. However, it is subjected to the opinion of collegium.


ITBP raises maiden mechanised column for swift movement.


Indian economy on very solid track in the middle term - IMF chief Christine Lagard.




The right to read, and be read

Section 95 of the CrPC allows the state to forfeit and suspend publications that it deems to be in violation of certain provisions of the Indian penal code. Section 295 of Indian penal code, criminalises speech that hurts religious sentiments. It must also have been made with the deliberate and malicious intention of outraging such religious feelings.

Government banning books under section 95 of CrPC and 295 of IPC, courts supporting the same will affect freedom of speech in the country. 


The case for a public health care

Public health care in India suffers from a lack of well trained managers. Doctors trained in western model are not apt to deliver health care delivery goals of india. So, a service - Public health management cadre need to be created on lines of IAS to improve health care management. Mudaliar committee, Kartar singh committee have recommended for the same.


Toxic farming

In India, pesticide exposure among the farmers is one of the major reasons for their death. Most of the times lack of professional advice makes farmers to succumb to the advice of middle men. So, regulation of insecticides in India is necessary both from the perspectives of public health and farmers income security. It is also affecting india’s agri exports to countries like USA , UK, EU.

Way forward is

  1. formation of a central pesticides board to oversee the registration, distribution and sale of toxic chemicals.
  2. Outmoded insecticides act of 1968 need to be amended.
  3. New pesticides regulatory frame work need to be aligned with food safety laws.
  4. Education of farmers through electronic and other media is essential.


Out dangerous footing - already notes is given on Trump and Iran Nuclear deal


Between disarmament and deterrence

Major efforts of disarmament are failing across the world today as many of the countries feel nuclear weapons are the greatest deterrent. Nuclear prohibition treaty if it has to show impact following steps are essential to be taken forward by civil society.

  1. Civils society shall work on factors that are driving demand for nuclear weapons.
  2. Civil society actors can question the expenditure involved in possessing nuclear weapons.








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