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My Notes 18-October-2017. 18-10-2017
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US backed forces wrest Raqqa from IS

Islamic state has lost its notional head quarters of its caliphate Raqqa to Syrian democratic forces. It reduces ISIS to only few towns in Syria.


North East Monsoon may set in October end

A normal rainfall is expected as per the estimated of IMD. North East monsoon gives rainfall to coastal Andhra Pradesh, Rayalseema, Tamil Nadu and Puducherry. Tamil Nadu receives highest rainfall under North East Monsoon.


US ploy against Iran: envoy

 Ambassador of Iran to India states that

1. USA is trying to deprive Iran of Indian energy market. India says that it is trying to diversify its imports so as to get a better bargain.

2. Chabahar port is on track and Iran Parliament is expected to ratify the agreement reached between Iran, India and Afghanistan.


65 AYUSH hospitals in three Years.

Prime Minister of India has stated that alternative medicine need to be mainstreamed. His Government is also working to set up an Ayurveda hospital in every district.


President xi set to consolidate authority -

Communist party of china is all set to amend the constitution at the congress to incorporate concepts proposed by the president. It brings him on par with Mao, Deng.  Xi’s four comprehensives proposed are

  1. Comprehensively build a moderately prosperous society.
  2. Comprehensively deepen reform
  3. Comprehensively govern the nation according to law.
  4. Comprehensively govern the party strictly.




Making the internet disappear.

Internet has become a life line for many business actions and day to day life activities. These are connected to many rights enshrined in our constitution - freedom of speech, association, freedom of trade etc.

Frequent internet Shutdown by the state is violation of these rights and is an economic loss. According to Supreme Court, states rights infringing action must be proportionate. It means there has to be a balance between fundamental rights of individuals on one hand and the interests of state maintaining law and order on the other hand. Internet shutdown’s fail this test of proportionality.

The way forward is to enhance accountability of officers who makes decisions on internet shutdowns and subjecting them to judicial scrutiny.


Political and Partisan

Speaker office is expected to be impartial and non partisan. In India, speaker office is often criticised for its role in anti defection law. Many a times speaker nurtures political ambitions in his party after his office. it fails him to be non partisan. This climate has to be changed.

Various recommendations are

  1. Decisions of disqualifications under Anti defection law shall be vested with President of India with a recommendation from election commission.
  2. Need for re election also skews incentives for the speaker. In Britain, No candidates are fielded  by opposition in speaker’s constituency. British Parliament automatically elevates speaker to the House of Lords. The Page committee has recommended that if the Speaker had conducted himself or herself in an impartial and efficient manner during the tenure of his or her office, he or she should be allowed to continue in the next Parliament.
  3. Speaker should be barred from future political office other than president and Vice President of India.


New Kid on the bloc

There is an increasing trend in the west.

  1. Growing right leadership cashing on the fears of immigration and employment.
  2. Young leadership is rising across Europe. - Austria, France, Canada are led by young leaders.


Of faith and Fever

In Tamil Nadu, Government has permitted to distribute a herbal medicine Nilavembu Kudineer for treatment of Dengue. It is neither proven to be effective and no scientific trials are conducted to ascertain its efficacy. State taking such an action can be concluded as a treatment and people may avoid Hospitals.

So, Government’s must not endorse alternative and unproven remedies for dengue. Evidence based medicine has greater transparency and any step away from it can be retrogressive.


The Congress has the ability to adapt, adjust and rejuvenate

  1. Congress party has made entry in to coalition politics after Shimla declaration. Successful tenure of Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee can be cited a s reason for the same. But, it has shrunk space of congress in many of the states.
  2. India can not be but secular. Ancient civilisations, Babylonian, Assyrian and Egyptian failed to survive as they failed to absorb and assimilate various elements in to social coalition. Unlike this, India has absorbed them from different pars of the world.
  3. Law making in no more the exclusive domain of law makers. Civil society is asking for its role. Lok pal legislation is an example for this.




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