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My Notes 21-October-2017. 21-10-2017

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Most pollution linked deaths occur in India

India is ranked number one globally on the toll taken by pollution. Total 2.5 million deaths in India are linked to pollution according to the study conducted by lancet. Air pollution followed by water pollution are the major culprits.


Government plans to boost rural employment

Experts have a suggested a cluster approach, where villages with similar socio economic conditions should be clubbed and every village should have a gram vikas prerak (village development motivator)


France wants India to buy more Rafales




Unravelling of the Iran deal

Nuclear deal (JCPOA) has successfully pushed Iran away from ambitions of nuclear bomb for decades. As per the agreement Iran ended certain activities

A)    fordow enrichment facility is converted in to a research centre.

B)     Dismantling of Arak heavy water research reactor.

C)     Reducing number of operational centrifuges to 4060 at Nathan s for 10 Years.

D)    Restricting enrichment level to 3.6% for 15 years.

E)     Limiting low enriched uranium stocks to 300kg.


As per the agreement, relief was limited to secondary sanctions. USA also has enacted a Iran nuclear agreement review act . It mandates president to certify to congress that Iran is adhering to the agreement for every 90 days. Added to this, JCPOA is also al political commitment and was not ratified by the congress. JCPOA also became art of the UNSC resolution 2231.

Trump by not certifying the deal has threw ball in to the court of congress. In either way deal was broke as Iran is not ready to renegotiate.

This will have a serious impact on

  1. USA - Europe relations.
  2. West Asia rivalry between Iran, Saudi Arabia and Israel
  3. Credibility of USA diplomacy.


A flood of Questions

India shall sort out several issues before it steps in to interlinking of rivers.

  1. Water shall be brought under concurrent list. Water sharing across the states need to be negotiated and streamlined.
  2. India has to develop a comprehensive water accounting. It need to be connected to economic production.
  3. Government shall give greater attention to its more crop per drop.


Back to the ballot

In any democracy, fairness of elections, vibrancy of democratic elections , sharing power among social groups are essential for political stability. Weak election commission, concentration of power in  few social groups, narrow parochial interests of the leaders (Uhuru Kenyatta, Raila Odinga) are the major reasons for political instability.


Darjeeling deadlock

Continuous dead lock in Darjeeling is affecting its economy and livelihood of millions living there, centre and state shall work out a solution to break the impasse. Reconciliation is more important and imposing cases on Bimal Gurung (GJM) will not serve any purpose. Meaningfully empowering Gorkhaland territorial administration and development of the region can provide a long lasting solution. 


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