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My Notes 23-October-2017. 23-10-2017
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23 October 2017


Opposition has no authority to question to EC, says Modi

Recently, Election commission is criticised for not announcing poll dates in Gujarat. Prime Minister Modi has come in support of Election commission.


Why exempt CBI from RBI act?

CBI is exempted to disclose information under RTI act. Now, a plea is filed in Supreme Court for reasons as CBI is only an investigative agency and not an intelligence or security organisation.


A full pledged coup - Catalan Government

Catalan Government has accused federal Government of a coup after it has imposed Art 155 and took over the powers directly in to its hands,


Government may have to foot bill for rail safety fund


China: a promise remains elusive - Increasing corruption, economic slow down and environmental degradation are making the promise of president Xi on moderate prosperity elusive.



In a foreign policy haze

USA Secretary of State Rex tillerson is arriving for a visit to India. But, direction of US foreign policy is still not clear. Visit is important as it is the first visit after USA announcing its Afghan policy,

  1. If seen from Indian perspective,  policies announced by Mr Trump for Afghanistan and Iran are at odds with each other. Imposition of sanctions on Iran can effect India’s trade with Iran. it can put construction of chabahar port on back burner. One of the purposes of Chabahar port is to provide alternate trade route to Afghanistan.
  2. USA policy is not clear on role Pakistan has to play in fight against terrorism in Afghanistan. It did not condemn release of Hafiz saeed and is actively participating in renewed Quadri lateral coordination group.
  3. A scenario of re hyphenation appears to be growing between India and Pakistan.

So, India need to be cautious in its engagement with USA.


It s time to make deep emission cuts

The prospect of limiting global warming through negative emissions is bleak. Here, Negative emissions refer to the ways to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, or changing earth’s radiation imbalance through Geo engineering.

So, way forward to fight climate change is to focus attention on emission cuts.


Unacceptable fetters

Rajasthan has recently passed an ordinance that makes disclosure of public servants names facing allegations of corruption before the Government sanction to prosecute them a punishable offence. It is considered as a grave threat to media freedom and the public’s right to know.

In 2014, Supreme court of India struck down the need to take a prior sanction to investigate officers of the rank of joint secretary and above.


Cycle of Terror

Afghanistan is facing another cycle of terror. It is now from both the sides. Taliban led war against Government and sectarian war unleashed by ISIS. So, engaging Taliban while continuing the fight against other terror groups such as Al-Qaeda and The IS is suggested way forward.



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