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My Notes 24-October-2017. 24-10-2017

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Centre’s envoy to hold talks on J&K
Ex IB chief Dineshwar Sharma is appointed as a special representative to initiate dialogue with all sections of Jammu and Kashmir. It is a change in stance of the government as it previously did not believe in dialogue as a way forward.

Why make a show of patriotism : SC Judge
Institutions of state need not force citizens to display their patriotism. Supreme Court Judge Chandrachud has commented on mandating movie goers to stand up when National anthem is played in cinema halls.

Trump to raise predatory trade as a issue in his visit to China.

On a different trajectory
Initially, Intellectual fervour and armed struggle has guided Naxal movement in India. Ideological and logistical support from china, strong leadership has built a solid foundation for the organisation. Later, there are many sprinter groups have come into existence with no much success.In 1990 organisation renamed itself as communist party of India(Maoist) and unified different groups across the country.
As Naxal movement is facing setbacks militarily, resentment against leadership is growing with demands for shift in strategy. If military goals overtake ideology, it can create a huge challenge to internal security as no other extreme organisation in India has an organisational set up as like Maoists.

Brinkmanship in Spain.
movement for independence in Catalonia is a first of its kind in a liberal democracy. Referendum and political escalation of the situation has made Catalan society more polarised. Added to this, political secession comes at an economic cost to Catalonia. Now, it has to create its own governance institutions.
Added to this, imposition of federal control can escalate violence. So, deliberations shall be given a chance to resolve the issue.

Facts in fiction
No liberal democracy can impose unreasonable restrictions on freedoms enjoyed by the citizens. Colonial history and laws are providing a scope for the state to impose the same. Indian penal code provisions such as 153A( it prohibits the promotion of enmity between different groups) and 295A( It prohibits insult of religious beliefs) are routinely used to silence dissenting voices. So, they need a review.

The Abe manoeuvre
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe liberal Democratic Party has won elections for a third term. Risk taken by Prime Minister Abe has paid off. It can give a fillip to constitutional amendment in Japan to give legal status to self defence forces.
On economic front , continuous fiscal stimulus is showing results and is expected to continue.

Economic Growth : an alternative view
The current method of GDP calculation do not take environmental costs in to consideration. Environment generates a range of ecosystem services such as provisioning services (food, irrigation, drinking water), regulating services(climate regulation, water quality regulation), cultural services (recreational and religious services) and supporting services (nutrient recycling, soil formation). Environmental degradation proves detrimental to above services.
The major challenge to calculate environmental costs in GDP is lack of data. So, countries shall work towards green GDP and environmental accounting for sustainable development in future.
( focus on Kuznetsk curve in your video)

With or with out veto
India’s entry in to UNSC is supported by France and UK. USA representative in UN Nikki Haley made a statement that USA will support UNSC expansion with out veto powers. China and Russia are non commital. In this scenario, G-4 shall push for reforms with or with out veto,

The gown and the Bench
The Supreme Court has laid down guidelines for designating lawyers in the Supreme Court and High Courts as senior advocates. Until now, the judges of the Supreme Court and High Courts had the sole discretion of according this status to advocates. Now, applications will be vetted by a permanent committee known as the Committee for Designation of Senior Advocates that will publish the names of candidates on the respective courts’ websites to ensure transparency. It will consist of the Chief Justice of India, two senior most judges of the Supreme Court/ High Courts, the Attorney General of India/ the Advocate General of State, and a member of the Bar to be nominated by the above four members. The committee will have a permanent secretariat.



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