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₹2.11 lakh crore for PSU banks to boost lending

Government of India unveiled an ambitious plan to infuse 2.11 lakh crore capital over the next two years in to public sector banks. It allows public sector -banks to take necessary hair cuts from NPA’s and is also expected to address twin balance sheet problem.

Among the amount, 18,139 cr is expected to come from budgetary provisions, 1.35 lakh crore rupees through sale of recapitalisation bonds and the balance shall be raised by the banks themselves by diluting the Government’s equity share.


₹5.35 lakh crore for new road project

Government of India announced Rs 5.35 lakh crore rupees to upgrade roads under Bharatmala pariyojana. It is expected to create 14.2cr Man days of job.


New USA policy is a game changer - Afghan President Ghani

USA Afghan policy can be a game changer for following reasons.

 1. It did not mention any time span on troop withdrawal from Afghanistan.

2. At the same time, it also mentioned it goal is to fight terror groups  and suggested for a regional cooperation to fight terrorism.


Procedure to remove EC’s vague says petition in SC

A petition is filed in Supreme Court stating that removal of elections commissioners is vague in constitution. As per the constitution, Art 324(5) CEC shall be removed as like in the manner of Judge of a Supreme Court. But other commissioners can be removed only on the recommendation of CEC.


Xi Joins league of Mao and Deng

Chinese president Xi Jing ping joined the league of other leaders who gave their thoughts and theory to constitution of communist party of china.

Mr. Xi unveiled a two-stage plan. China, he said would become a “moderately prosperous” society by 2021 — the centenary of the formation of the CPC.That status would be consolidated till 2035. From 2035, China will aspire to be-come an advanced socialist country — a target that it wishes to accomplish by 2050.





Complicated terms of engagement

Issues of child rights and women rights are intricately connected. Recent judgment of Supreme Court to criminalise sex with a married minor girl is meant to protect both child and women rights. It also has brought definition of child uniform across the laws like POCSO act, Prohibition of child Marriages act, 2006.

In this scenario, intricate questions related to women rights are

  1. Criminalisation of sex by consent between two teenagers below 18 years of age. : It comes under the definition of rape and male is over 16 years, he can be tried like an adult under Juvenile Justice act. This lacunae is used by the elderly to file false cases against the teenage lovers. So, the way froward is to decrease the age of consent. it again comes in contradiction with child laws. Another solution suggested is to consider age gap and proximity in ages to prevent criminalising teenagers who are sexually active.
  2. Law also have to be changed to bring a recognition of sexual assault of children irrespective of gender.
  3. The question of sexual consent is one that must lie with individual women.


Talk is good

Government of India appointing an interlocutor on Jammu and Kashmir is a change in its muscular stand and is a welcome sign. Consultation and deliberations with stakeholders shall be made as broad as possible.





GST after thoughts

Government of India did not make adequate preparations for GST. Consequences of this are visible in delays to return input credits to exporters and high rates against fixed against small traders. Government shall fix accountability for these failures.


Shedding light on Saubhagya

SAUBHAGYA - The Pradhan Mantri Sahaj Bijili har Ghar Yojana is aimed to provide access to electricity to every household. It is an extension of Deendayal Upadhyay Gram Ghori Yojana that is meant to electrify all villages in India.

So, the major challenge to the program is to make power affordable to the poor and to make it available uninterrupted round the clock.





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