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My Notes 07-Dec-2017 07-12-2017
Dear Students,
Please follow My Notes and My Video 7-December-2017.


1. USA set to shift embassy to Jerusalem - USA set to recognise jerusalem as the capital of Israel. It is a radical departure from the country s policy for seven decades. it can be a death blow to the two nation solution proposed.

2. Let us be realistic about the UNSC : India s entry in to UNSC has two main challenges - existing permanent members are not interested to extend their existing privilages to any of the new members. other members of UNGA are reluctant on veto powers to be enjoyed by only few members. so, India shall be realisitc about this situation and shall go with a pragmatic intermediate solution like semi permanent seats.

3.Universal health coverage is the best prescription: Universal health coverage shall address the challenges of access, quality and cost(affordability)

Access - It refers to readily reachable, trustworthy and affordable health care. it is a major challenge for poorly served rural areas and overcrowded urban areas. strengthening of Primary health care centres in Rural areas and community health centres at intermediate level. At another level, Public private partnerships to efficiently use the existing facilities can be tried. National health policy 2017 stresses on this.

Quality of care - It refers to the extent to which appropriate care is provided in each clinical context. This requires ensuring conformity to accepted scientific and ethical standards. setting standards and implementing them is a good begining. clinical establishments act is a good begining.

Affordability : High out of pocket expenditure on health care leads to unaccepted levels of poverty. Existing insurance schemes provide only a limited coverage. so, expanding their scope, rising public expenditure on health care are necessary. pooling tax funding, all central and state insurnace schemes, employer provided health insurance in to a single payer system can provide for necessary funds.

4. Unwavering caution: RBI made a decision to hold interest rates in the expectation that prices are going to rise. The reasons are

1. fuel prices are rising as OPEC is cutting production

2. HRA increases by variious state governments

on the other side, Gst rate cuts, partial reduction of excise duty and VAT on petroleum products can reduce inflation.

5. Island Hoping : Maldives has concluded a FTA with China and at the same time raised doubts on ongoing FTA with India. Change in politics in Maldives is a major reason for the same. Exisitng president Abdulla Yameen sees India as a supporter of his opponent Mr.Nasheed.

China s economic and military connectivity with Indian ocean becomes complete if it can acquire Naval bases in Maldives. Already Naval ships of China made a good will visit to this area.

6. Unable to see the bamboo for the trees : Bamboo was made in to the category of trees by the Indian forest act. It has reduced its access to forest dwelling communities. Though govt has brought it out of the classification of trees, still there are many hinderances

1. Many of the state forest laws still considers Bamboos as trees.

2. deregulation was applied only to the bamboos grown on non forest lands.

7. Recognise the Technology constraints : Indian government has appointed srikrishna committee to draft a data protection law for India. major challenges for this are

1. Most of the data centres are located outside India. Setting up of data centres on such a Massive scale is prohibitively expensive.

2. India is highly reliant on imported technologies. so, Indian data laws are expected to come in conflict with other countries.

3. defining sensitivity levels of Information is a major challenge.

4. India s data protection laws can limit data resources for its own software developers.

setting standards and implementing them is a good begining. 


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