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My Notes 08-Dec-2017 08-12-2017
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1. Aadhar link deadline for subsidies to be March 31

2. No change in our policy on Palestine, says India - India has clearly stated that its position on Pakistan did not change and it supports Palestine as part of a two state solution. India hopes for early realisation of a sovereign, independant, united and viable palestine.

3. New protection grid on eastern frontier - Union Home minister rajnath singh emphasised on putting in place a border protection grid to safeguard border with bangladesh. It would comprise Physical and non Physical barriers, surveillance system, intelligence agencies, state police and Border security Force.


Getting back on track - The Q2 GDP growth results show a sign of revival. growth was at 6.3%. The most encouraging sign is the performance of the manufacturing sector which grew at 7% against 1.2% in the previous quarter. The growth rate in agriculture was low at 1.7%. This can be due to base effect as growth was very strong in the previous year.

on the other side, risks still remain. The most discouraging sign is the behaviour of the gross fixed capital formation. it is constantly coming down and it refects decreasing private investment in India. As fiscal deficit concerns for government expenditure are increasing, private investment need to be encouraged to sustain growth.

Another factor that need to be seriously focussed for growth is revival of performance of exports.


underwater reinforcements : India is the first country in the world to move straight to designing and building an SSBN, without moving up the scale from conventional boats and then SSNs.

Every sailor on a submarine fears for iron coffin syndrome. it refers to an eventual death of there is any accident with in submarine. rescue vessel can play an important role here. India shall acquire one.


Defection, Disaffection - Schedule 10 of the constitution of India delas with Anti defection law. Normally as a procedure, presiding officer refers matter to the privilages committee for its opinion on disqualification. however, it is not mandatory. An urgent action is warranted if there is a danger to the stability of the government.

chirman of Rajya Sabha has disqualified two JD(U) MPS on grounds of defection. it is criticised that such an urgent action is unwarranted as there is no threat to the government or no Whip is violated.


capital crisis

Recently, Predient Trump has annoucned to shift USA Embassy in Israel from Telaviv to Jerusalem. it can fuel the unrest in middle east. Already Hamas has called for a Third Intifada. The decision is a death blow to two nation solution and it is criticised across the world for the following reasons.

1. Jerusalem was not the part of Israel proposed in 1947. it was supposed to be under the administration of UN.

2. Israel claim that Jerusalem is complete and united ahs been declared and null and void by the UNSC resolution 478.

3. East Jerusalem was acquired by the Israel only after 6day war in 1967.

Is there a case for a relook at EVMs? -

Across the world there is a shift towards paper ballots and it is also proposed that India shall do the same. A careful analysis shall be done for the same.

1. Indian EVMS are not network connected and can not be tampered.

2. There are many procedural safeguards kept in place to avoid tampering.

3. Use of EVMS has decreased electoral malpractices like rigging.

4. EVM s also have reduced cost of elections and increased speed of conduct of elections.

5. Elections have become more competitive with EVMs. There has been a significant reduction in the incidence of re election.






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