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My Notes - 11 December 2017
Well convert to Buddhism, Mayawati warns BJP, RSS
Buddhism and Hinduism are fundamentally different from each other. Hinduism is hierarchical and became ritualistic. Buddhism preached for equality and non violence. Buddhism has an international appeal. Above factors made Ambedkar to change to Buddhism. He saw it as a progress towards self respect.

2. Does privacy outlive death, asks SC
A constitutional question is placed on matters of privacy. In an argument to access former CM of Tamil Nadu Jjayalalitha finger prints - question raised is right to dignified life to an individual can exist in after life?

3. ICANN receives Nobel prize
International campaign for abolition of nuclear weapons has received this years pace Nobel. It has strongly campaigned for an UN treaty on prohibition of nuclear weapons adopted by 122 countries.

A game of chicken in the Korean Peninsula
North Korea’s belligerent acts of testing nuclear weapons and missiles have a logic. Kim Jong n is trying to gain legitimacy to his regime from the international community. At the same time his objectives are to preserve his regime and get out of the economic sanctions.
Historically, Korean conflict is an outcome of cold war . Russia has enjoyed leverage over North Korea till 1990 and now China. After collapse of USSR, North Korea has become direction less and USA has failed to ease its apprehensions. Initially USA during Clinton era has promised it nuclear weapons which are not delivered by the Bush era. Added to this, he made North Korea as part of axis of Evil. Lack of consistency and Trust deficit are the major problems have worsened the crisis. Trump regime and lack of firm commitment from him for Japan and South Korea who are under its nuclear umbrella can destabilise the entire region. so, important challenges of the existing situation can be summarised as follows.
Korean Peninsula is highly volatile.
NPT may loose its relevance.
Isolation is not yielding any result. The way out is through negotiations. Six party talks can be resumed.

Arbitrary and Irrational
Govt of India has introduced Muslim woman protection of rights on marriage bill in parliament. As per this, an husband who resorts to instant triple talaq can be jailed for up to three years and fined. Major flaws of this bill are
Disproportionality - criminal punishment of 3 years in IPC are meant for different set of crimes like rioting promoting enmity among groups etc.
Supreme Court of India already held that triple talaq will not lead to divorce. In such a case no situation is changing in relationship between man and woman.
Law also states that husband is liable for the payment of maintenance. If he is arrested and placed in jail, how can one pay maintenance is not thought after.

Turn the Page
There is an ongoing exercise to change the leadership in African national congress. Zuma’s regime is filled with allegations of corruption and cronyism. If African National congress has to be charged from the present situation, dynamic and honest leadership is essential.
The major contenders for this are Cyril Ramaphosa and Dlamini -Zuma. Ms.Zuma is expected to be the cadidate of continuity and Ramaphosa can bring in fresh light and hope.

Crunch time at WTO
India faces a tough challenge on farm issues at Buenos Aires ministerial meet. Highlights of this are
New rules on farm subsidies, elimination of support for unsustainable fisheries, regulation of e commerce are expected to be considered.
India and china are jointly proposing to address the distortions/imbalances in the agreement on agriculture, aggregate measure of support.
India is not willing to compromise on aspects related to food security and subsidies meant for that.

Explainer - What does the FRDI bill do for you?
FRDI - Financial resolution and Deposit Insurance bill 2017 has been making news due to its controversial bail in clauses. The bill comes with insolvency and Bankruptcy code to spell out the procedure for the winding up or revival of an ailing company. Major points are
Bill provides for setting up of a resolution corporation - to replace the existing deposit Insurance and credit Guarantee corporation. It is tasked with monitoring financial firms, anticipating their risk of failure, taking corrective action and resolving them incase of failure.
The corporation is also tasked with deposit insurance incase of failure of a bank.
The corporation will also be tasked with classifying financial firms on their risk of failure - low, modern, imminent, critical etc.
FRDI bill also empowers the corporation to bail in the company. It involves using depositors finds to inject capital in to the ailing company. It can be through cancelling bank liabilities or converting the in to equities.






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