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My Notes 12-Dec-2017 12-12-2017

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My Notes 12Dec2017

Apologise, Manmohan tells Modi
Credibility of institutions is a critical factor for their legitimacy. so, baseless accusations on constitutional offices and their occupants is a dangerous precedent.

No WTO deal with out food security : India
Commerce minister Suresh Prabhu has clearly stated that India can not accept any permanent solution that can make food security difficult for its poor.

A Working class act in America
Globalisation, automation, improved efficiency and skilled labour reduced the role of trade unions. USA is a clear example for this. From 1990 onwards membership of trade unions have drastically fallen USA.
Trade union members are the strong voter base for Democrats. But, NAFTA and other free trade agreements proposed by democrats have increased job insecurity among the working class. Mr. Trump is able to highlight these insecurities to his advantage during election campaign.

The power play in peace keeping
In UN, nations voice is proportional to what it contributes to it. It na be in the form of funds, peace keeping forces. China is increasing its contributions to UN and at present it contributes 7.92% of UN finances. China is also a largest troop contributor among UNSC council members. Though India is also a largest troop contributor, it is failing to convert its contribution in to political capital. It needs a careful consideration.

In an Elite club
India was recently admitted in to wassenaar arrangement. A multilateral export control regime. It has important take aways for India.
Wassenaar Arrangement strengthens India’s credentials as a responsible nuclear power.
It is also a lesson on the need for a quite diplomacy on sensitive matters
It will enable India to have access to critical technologies in the defence and space sectors.

A massive victory
Left alliance has won the massive victory in Parliamentary elections in Nepal. Nepali congress, single largest party in previous elections is been reduced to third slot. Communist party of Nepal(UML) has emerged as a single largest party. Mr. Oli is all set to be the Prime minister of Nepal.

For clean air, India needs a policy leap
India need to tax carbon to promote clean air and positive externalities from he same. The major reason for pollution in India is burning of fossil fuels. Carbon tax can push people to shift towards green alternatives. Changing the existing energy mix is pivotal for clean air. Green alternatives also can raise employment as their employment elasticity is higher.

Powering rural health care
Continuous electricity supply is critical for maintenance of cod chain, operation of surgical theatres in primary health centres. so, study by council on environment, Energy and water in Chattisgarh shows that availability of power supply has increased the quality of treatment leading to better health care indices.
Solar power can be a better way forward for continuous supply of electricity to PHC’s. It can be delivered in a decentralised manner with out their dependance on grid.




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