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SC clears 12 special courts to try cases against politicians

SC of India gave clearances to set up 12 special courts for speedy trial of cases pending against politicians in India.


Kalavari submarine a big step ind defence preparedness :PM

Kalavari submarine – a scorpene class submarine imported form France is a diesel electric submarine mean for anti surface warfare, intelligence gathering , mine laying in ocean etc


Looking for balance of power

Discussion – RIC origin, circumstances at the time of origin, recent aspects to change – Quad, one belt, one road, concerns of different players in the group. ( for video)

RIC – a strategic triangle was the idea of than Russian prime minister Primkov in 1998. The objective was to ensure greater regional and international stability. Major focus of all the three countries is to create a counter balance to USA hegemony in international politics. But, response from India and China was lukewarm.

Today, China is a rising power  and Russia is resurgent. In this scenario cooperation between Russia and China has increased. On the other side, India is engaging deeply with USA. After Trump coming to office in USA, its hegemonic role in global politics is weaning.

so, Russia recently urged India to become a part of One belt, one road initiative. Both china and Russia questioned Quad and stated it as a closed bloc arrangement. China fears that India is becoming a pawn in its containment. Russia is unhappy on India’s increasing defence ties with west.

One common area of Interest RIC has focussed from time to time is on terrorism. Inspite of rhetoric China’s actions in UN are not in favour of India’s interests. Russia has also opposed naming Pakistan as a perpetrator of terrorism in Heart of Asia summit held in Amritsar. It is also deepening defence ties  with Pakistan. China is showing a keen interest for peace in Afghanistan. India’s role is unwarranted by both in Afghanistan. On the other side, USA is expecting a greater developmental role for India.

finally, diplomacy shall not be a zero sum game. Continuation of RIC summits clearly shows India’s ability to take forward multi pronged diplomacy.


Whither disaster management after Ockhi?

India has enacted National disaster management act,2005, National policy on disaster management(2009), National disaster management plan(2016), National disaster response force.

Inspite of this, hitman and property loss after cyclone Ockhi is remarkable. The major reasons

Lack of preparedness and early warning system.

Jurisdictional restrictions for agencies to act. Lack of cooperation among them.

Relief and rehabilitation are not emphasised.


House rules

Referendums have brought in new questions to parliamentary functioning in India. What shall be the role of legislature after plebiscite.


Revival risks

Indian economy is not completely out of risk. Rising oil prices, weak exports, rising inflation are the concerns that need an immediate attention. Second quarter growth of manufacturing can be majorly attributed to restocking by producers and traders.


Redefining hate speech

Law commission has recommended for amendment to IPC to introduce hate speech as a punishable offence.




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