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18 December 2017


US failed to walk the talk on Pak

Former president of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai has questioned dual standards of the USA and its fight against terrorism. Though president Trump has criticised Pakistan for its support for terrorism, he has authorised $700mn aid to Pakistan under defence authorisation act.


Jail, fine for distorting facts in passive Euthanasia cases;

As per the Management of patients with Terminal illness - withdrawal of medical life support bill - hospitals have to set up approval committees for considering cases of euthanasia. Any distortion of facts before such panels may lead to a maximum of 10 years in jail and a fin up to 1crore rupees. The bill do not legalise any active euthanasia.



Divorce as crime

Making triple talaq a criminal offence is unnecessary and possible counter productive for the following reasons.

Supreme Court Judgement in Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan case has already held Triple Talaq as illegal and unenforceable. Its consequence is that the husbands marital obligations remain, regardless of his intention in pronouncing it.

Empirical studies state that Criminalising something does not have any deterrent effect on its practice. Social change and education is crucial.

Already existing laws - section 498A of IPC, domestic violence act addresses prosecution of a husband for inflicting physical and mental cruelty, emotional and economic abuse and for deprivation of financial resources.


A measure leap

A new planetary system - Kepler 90i and Kepler-80g are discovered by NASA. This announcement is particularly significant for the reason that it is discovered using an artificial intelligence tool that mimics the working of a human brain.


High road to democratic stability

Nepal has successfully concluded its local, provincial and National elections. Left coalition has won a significant majority and KP Sharma Oli has set to become Prime minister of the country. finally, the ew constitution framed by Nepal is being put to practice.

The new constitution marks an innovation in the south Asian landscape with devolution of fiscal, legislative, executive and other powers not to two but three tiers of Government. There is opposition from Bureaucracy and political elite for transfer of powers to local bodies.

Another important challenge faced by Nepal is lack of political stability. Significant majority to Left parties and restrictions on introducing a no confidence motion against Government for initial two years makes instability a thing of past.

On the other side, new challenges are expected to emerge on various fronts.

Post earth quake reconstruction.

Redressing grievances of Madhesis

Maintaining fiscal prudence.

Lack of strong opposition

Balancing India and china in the region. etc.

Rising inequalities between hill and terai regions.


The crisis of globalisation

Globalisation has created permanent insecurities in minds of the poeple. Rapid technological evolution, automation  has created job insecurities. Hyper connectivity has worsened human relations. On one way economic integration of the world happened along with political disintegration.

Fears of globalisation and associated insecurities has raised demands for protectionism, Nationalism and localism. Surprisingly, west once a major preacher of globalisation is backing protectionism now. But, it is not complete. Globalisation is here to stay in a selective manner the way it serves interests of few nations and MNCs.




The question of intra party democracy

Among all the political parties in India Intra party democracy is a myth. Centralisation, family rule, charismatic leadership are characteristics of every political party in India. Added to this, lack of transparency in political financing and their centralisation is also making party cadre to depend on leadership and leadership in turn are able to demand an absolute loyalty.

Party Machinery role is envisioned to win elections. India’s success in consolidating a democratic system of government paradoxically sits with ineffective party system.


Skills with in schools

Skill India shall be incorporated in to the education system to ensure youth to better adapt to the demands of Job Market.



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