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My Notes 16-Dec-2017 16-12-2017

16 December 2017


Cabinet nod for bill making instant triple talaq a crime : cabinet has approved muslim woman protection of rights on marriage bill that makes talaq-e-bidaat or instant triple talaq a criminal offence. It is punishable up to three years of imprisonment. Government claims it as a historical move to ensure gender Justice.


India should secure infrastructure against cyber threats

Cyber Security audit shall become part of every e governance initiative.

All countries should agree to international convention against state sponsored cyber hacking.



Stalemate at WTO

Important outcomes at WTO ministerial meeting

Peace clause remained in place.

Industrial countries failed to fast track issues of their interest - e commerce, market access to small companies, reduction in fishing subsidies.

India and china submitted a proposal to end trade distorting farm subsidies of western Nations.

Developing countries stressed the need to continue Doha development agenda before taking up new issues.


Feed the cure

Malnutrition is an important factor in increasing disease incidence in India. Protein supplements play an important role in improving efficacy of treatment. Govt decision to provide rs 500 a month to TB patients is an important step to fight the disease. But, oversight is crucial to achieve results.


A closer look at the lines

Mr. Wang Yi has made certain remarks for solving India - china border problem. Important aspects of this are

Genuine cultivation of mutual trust.

Both sides should enhance strategic communications at all levels, restore established dialogue mechanisms.

but, If the mechanisms of dialogue established in the past are observed, most of them are a failure. Either it is joint working group, special representative level dialogue or mechanism for consultation and coordination on India china borer affairs. Even to date, military hotline was not established between military headquarters.


Changed priorities

The amendments to insolvency and Bankruptcy code aim to keep-out such persons who have wilfully defaulted, are associated with non-performing assets, or are habitually non-compliant and, therefore, are likely to be a risk to successful resolution of insolvency of a company.

The above amendment makes resolution professional all powerful. He can determine who can bid for defalulter companies or their assets. This government move will shift attention away from recovery of bad loans to selling assets of defaulting corporates.





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