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19 DECEMBER 2017

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BJP keeps Gujarat, wrests Himachal from congress

BJP has won the elections in Gujarat and Himachal pradesh. Urban voters in Gujarat have favoured BJP and rural voters on the other side favoured congress. It indicates failure of the Government to address rural distress in Gujarat.

1.8% NOTA in Gujarat : NOTA votes have significantly raised in Gujarat and in many of the constituencies they even crossed wing margins of the candidates.

In last Lok Sabha elections, Gujarat model was presented as a future of development for the entire country. In Gujarat elections this year, caste alliances and majoritarian tendencies took the centre stage. It clearly exposes weakness of Indian electoral system and lack of strong value foundation for Indian democracy. Abandonment of pluralistic legacy by secular parties is a dangerous trend.


Speedy, decisive

Trial courts in india are under popular/societal pressure to award maximum punishment. Here one can not ignore the core message that efficient investigation and speedy trials help foster trust in the justice system.


For a safe cyber space

Cybersecurity need to be integrated in to every aspect of policy and planning.

In India, technology inspired programmes are increasing. Aadhar, NAM, My Gov, Bharat Net , startup India, skill India etc.

ICT sector is estimated to reach to $225bn landmark by 2020.

Ransomware attacks are on rise and state sponsored cyber attacks are increasing.

so, way forward is create a Geneva like convention for a safe internet.

Note : The second global cyber security index released by the ITU, which measured the commitment of nations to cybersecurity found that India ranked 23 out of 165 nations.


Focus on income inequality

World inequality report released by world inequality lab states that inequality in India has increased since economic liberalisation. Redistirbutive taxation is suggested as a way out for addressing inequalities.

But rise in taxes will reduce incentive for the people to take up high skilled jobs and entrepreneurs to reinvest and produce more. so, Government has to look beyond taxes and handouts and has to ensure social goods - Education and health Care.



Trump to unveil America first plan

President Trump’s America first plan emphasises on the following.

America first does not mean America alone, but USA will try to pursue policies of its national interest irrespective of objections from friends.

The major emphasis is on protecting the homeland and American way of life, promoting American prosperity, demonstrating peace through strength and advancing American influence in an ever competitive world.

It aims to reverse Obama era warnings on climate change and de-emphasies multinational agreements.


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