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China a threat, India an ally : Trump

Highlights of USA security strategy

It hails New Delhi’s emergence as a leading global power. It reiterates Prime Minister Modi objective to enhance India form being a balancing power to be a leading power.

It seeks to increase quadrilateral cooperation with Japan, Australia and India.

It suggests for the expansion of India’s defence partnership with India.

China is mentioned as a threat in Trump’s plan for south Asia, central Asia and Indo Pacific and India is termed as an ally.

It also warns Pakistan of terrorism emanating from its soil.

China criticises strategy as a cold war, imperialistic mentality. M



Transit Gambit

E way bills mechanism proposed at GST council makes them mandatory for intra state and inter state movement of goods. Generation of a eway bill through GST Network needs a strong It backbone. Inspections shall not bring back the license raj and Inspections shall be an exception rather than a rule.


Change in Chile

Many of the south American economies are commodity dependant. Commodity boom before recession made them prosperous. It gave rise to a new middle class and large scale welfare policies in these countries.

later, recession and decreased global demand has caused an economic crisis. Chile dependant on copper exports is not an exception. There is a drastic fall in economic growth and insufficient funding of welfare programs.

Fall in growth gave raise to centre right in Chile. Creation of Jobs, economic growth has become an objective. Election of centre right leader Sebastian Pinera as a Chile’s president is a reflection of this.


Seeing through a glass darkly

Intelligence agencies are facing a challenge like never before in the light of growing terror risks. Organisations involved in terrorism are many with different tactics of their own. Many a times intelligence agencies are criticised when a terror attack happens for their failure. They are often stated to be static. It need to be understood that Intelligence agencies and their techniques of collection of information has reached a new zenith.

Today, agencies obtain vast information form both human and technical intelligence, signal and electronic intelligence, intelligence from satellites and photo reconnaissance. Social media, meta data from noise and signals constitute an important source of information.

But risks still remain. Intelligence agencies are vulnerable for intelligence failures and intelligence gaps. Here gap refers to lack of intelligence output but failure refers to lack of warning inspite of intelligence. It can only addressed through intelligence sharing with in and across the countries.


AI’s wont rule us, they will be very much interested in us. - highlights

AI can create jobs

Machine learning is all about failing and leaning from failure. More the situations they are exposed to, the closer they cone to understanding values.



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