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My Notes 21-December-2017 21-12-2017

Dear Students,

Please follow My Notes and My Video. 20-December-2017.


Ryan student to be tried as an adult

As per the Juvenile justice amendment act - a child of 16 years can be treated and tried as an adult if he is involved with an heinous offence. A juvenile Justice Board constituted for the purpose has to certify the child as an adult. In Ryan case Juvenile Justice Board has permitted to try the accused as an adult.


UPCOC bill tabled, opposition fumes

UP control of organised crime has stringent provisions like life imprisonment, no bail for 6 months clause etc. opposition members fear that it can be used to silent dissent.


Finding used copters for Kabul :

India is trying to supply used copters Mi35 of soviet Russia for Afghan forces.


Trumps tax bill gets US senate nod :

Trump administration has drastically reduced corporate tax rate to 21% from the existing 35%. It is boost entrepreneurship and job creation.




Cleaning up

In india, many of the outdated colonial era laws are still in vogue. They create confusion for a citizen and also law enforcing agencies. Lack of regular review of the laws is a major problem. Already PC Jain commission in 1998 itself has recommended for withdrawal of large body of legislation in india. Latest Actions of Government to repeal 235 outdated acts is a step in right direction.


Wait and watch

USA National security strategy regarded India as a key ally. It also criticised Pakistan’s support for terrorism and china’s assault on sovereignty of south asian nations. It is in alignment with India’s position.

But biggest challenge is lack of consistency I president Trump’s actions. There is a huge gulf between stated strategies and actions. It is clearly visible with Pakistan itself. Inspite of repeated criticisms, it has offered aid to Pakistan through defence authorisation act.

So india need to be cautious and shall preserve the autonomous and pluralistic nature of its engagement with different countries.


A pixelated campaign

Gujarat elections 2017 has proved the strength of strong organisations over persona of individuals. BJP with the support of RSS was able to build a strong networks and organisational base. On the other hand, congress tried to move support through leaders of various communities. Finally , a mix of middle class, development, support of urban voter has given the sweet victory to BJP.


Reconsider the rules

Wet lands ( conservation and management) rules 2017 replace rules of 2010. The major changes are

Criteria such as natural beauty, genetic diversity, historic value have been omitted in 2017. It is crucial to identify ecological criteria so that wetlands ecological character can be maintained.

Restriction on activities on wetlands will be done as per the principle of wise use. But, state wetland authority was given no authority in this matter. Monitoring of wetlands by state wetland authority is also limited.

so, clear governance systems are essential for wetland conservation.


Why leaders matter

Leadership have an outsized influence on Indian elections. It is clearly visible in the present elections. Transformational leadership has critical influence on electoral outcomes for following reasons.

They embody a particular ideology in to the minds of the people. They inspire large sections of population through it. It is often mixed with populistic promises.

Ideological messages propagated by transformational leaders also motivates party workers and vote mobilisers.

It increases overall percentage of voting and turnout for the party.




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