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My Notes 23-December-2017 23-12-2017

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High court quashes sanction to prosecute Ashok Chavan

Bombay High court quashed the sanction granted by the governor to persecute former chief minister Ashok Chavan in Adarsh housing scam.


India-china must go beyond bilateral ties

Special representatives of India and china Mr.Ajit Doval and Yang Jiechi stated that china and India must transcend bilateral dimension of their ties for stability in Asia and world.


RCEP: India hardens stand ahead of ASEAN summit

RCEP is a proposed mega regional FTA involving 10 member countries of ASEAN and its six FTA partners including china, Japan, India, Australia, New Zealand and south Korea.

India wants to go cautiously with FTA for the following reasons

Trade in services is not given due priority.

Trade in goods is not in alignment with Make in India objectives.

Intellectual property rights need an urgent attention.



Affirmative vote

USA move to shift its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, recognising later as the defect capital of Israel is opposed by 2/3 majority in UN general assembly. It has called for a final settlement of Jerusalem through negotiations. India has also supported the same.

Voting in UNGA also saw new lows in international diplomacy. USA has tried to threaten countries of stopping US aid and Israel Prime ministers derogated the august body as house of lies,  puppets forced to dance etc. It is not good for international rules based order.


A capital Mistake

USA pressure tactics on the Jerusalem vote marked a new low at the United Nations.


Missing the pulse

India has recently raised import duties chana dal and masoor dal. It is to stop the surge of import of pulses as India has the bumper harvest. But policy predictability is essential for farmers too. These actions of Government of India can send wrong signals to traditional import markets.  As policies change from time to time, they can look for alternatives. India shall take in to consideration carefully cultivated food security partnerships in making above decisions.


Reading Rahul Gandhi Hand

In India, opposition lacked a strong narrative to face BJP. Congress performance in Gujarat elections showed that a new narrative can be built based on the mistakes and failures of the ruling regime. It can be seen in the persona of leaders, dialogue on development and secularism.

If Prime minister Modi persona stands for power and authority, Rahul Gandhi personifies a low key civility. Added to this, they are compared as politics of love vs a politics of anger, politics brotherhood vs hatred, Truth vs falsehood etc.




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