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26 DECEMBER 2017

Jadhav meets family in Islamabad

Indian Navy officer in Pakistan custody was given an opportunity to meet mother and wife. but, it is not equivalent to consular access.


House panel quizzes Government on Neighbourhood first policy:

MPs have raised questions on the following happenings

Free trade agreement between China and Maldives

New Government in Nepal. K P old Government is able to come to power with anti India stand during election campaign.

Dialogue with Pakistan and denial visas to civil society groups from Pakistan.


Centre moves SC against fixed term for police chiefs:

All India services act, 1951 bars any officer from remaining in office after retirement, unless cleared by centre. Supreme Court in Prakash Singh case held that there shall be a fixed tenure of two years for police chief. Centre argues that States are misusing this provision by recommending the officers on verge of retirement.



This year, on Jerusalem

Prime Minister Modi has clearly stated Indian ambitions on external front - The goal is to transform India from being a balancing power to a leading power. USA president national security strategy also makes a mention of that.

Recent decisions of India in UNGA are a reflection of this.

India has voted in favour of a  negotiated settlement for Jerusalem

India supported a move by Mauritius to take its sovereignty claims over the British controlled chaos archipelago in Indian Ocean to International court of Justice.

India won a seat in ICJ inspite of opposition from USA and the opponent claimant being UK.


A glimmer of hope

Transgenders need identity, self respect and equal rights enjoyed by every one.

Dignity, respect , access to basic health care are non negotiable basic rights. so, self identification should be the sole criterion for gender recognition. Transgender persons(protection of rights) bill proposes to establish distinct screening committees that may go against to them. Gender autonomy and right to self identification are part of right to life and liberty provided by our constitution.

Discrimination is another major challenge faced by transgenders. Effective enforcement mechanism is vital for anti discrimination claims. They also need protection from Stigma and violence.

Reservations is one of the time tested ways to enable disadvantaged groups in to mainstream. Supreme Court also has stated that in NALSA vs union of India case.

legally, transgenders position is a grey area. Transgenders are not yet recognised under criminal law.

Transgender bill shall address all the above issues.


On the line

Special representative Level talks between National security adviser Ajit Doval and state councillor  Yang jiechi restarted after 20 months of pause. Both the representatives enjoy significant clout in their respective Governments and can find an early solution to border dispute.

They are guided by Astana consensus where it is agreed that difference must not be allowed to become disputes. Understanding at the xiamen is that India china relations are a factor of stability in an increasingly unstable world.


The rise and fall of the WTO

WTO is continuation of GATT to promote multilateralism in trade. But it is fast loosing its significance for the following reasons

West especially USA is interested in bilateralism rather than multilateralism.

Alternative trading blocs like RCEP are developing with stricter WTO conditions.

Developed countries are trying to give a burial Doha development agenda.

Cherry picking of trade issues like trade facilitation rather than taking issues holistically.

Developed countries are proposing for e commerce, investment facilitation and trade, gender.


Tacking Maoism

A permanent solution to Naxal problem lies in reversing the alienation of tribals. Emphasis on their development on a pro active basis can yield results. 



Power of the collective

Intimate partner violence is a common occurrence in india. India has tried various legal ways to take this with little success. Domestic violence act, community dispute resolution mechanisms like Naari Adalats, Mahila Panchayats, shalishi, Women resource centres etc. These methods are tried not get women entangled in to tedious legal process.

SHG - economic independence for women can be a best solution to fight Intimate partner violence.



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