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27 December 2017



3 Pak jawans killed in cross LoC raid

In retaliation to killing of Indian patrol teams, three Pakistani soldiers were killed by Indian army on a temporary post across line of control.


China moots Afghan entry in to CPEC

China has called CPEC a flagship project of its belt and road initiative aimed at building connectivity along the Eurasian corridor. Including Afghanistan in to it is to provide landlocked Afghanistan an access to the port of Gwadar. It is intended to balance India-Iran and Afghanistan trilateral agreement that gives Afghanistan access to Iranian port of chabahar.



Countering growing inequality

Indian social policy must raise health and education levels all around, as china has done


Inequalities are on a steady raise in India after 1991.

In comparison to china, Indian inequalities are much higher. This has to be observed in comparison to Chinese economic growth with that of India. Inspite of higher economic growth, china has lesser inequalities.

In India, in few of the states inequalities are less and have better developmental indicators than china.

The above facts conclude the following

Political narrative of explaining differences of growth and inequities is not complete and comparing democracy and communism to understand inequalities is a very simplistic narrative.

China has a greater participation of woman in work force and from 1970’s onwards Chinese spending on education and health is much higher.

China has emphasised manufacturing based growth and India service sector based growth.


How India rejects bad patents

Indian patent office - applies section 3(d)of Indian patents act to reject most of the patents that do not have an obvious invention. Section 3(d) prohibits ever greening of patents and supreme court upheld the same.


After the sanctions

UNSC has imposed fresh sanctions against North Korea. They include an 89% coyer on refined petroleum imports in to North Korea, stringent inspection of ships transferring fuel in to country and expulsion of thousands of North Koreans in other countries. China and Russia also endorsed the sanctions that can cripple North Korea further. Inspite of supporting sanctions , they stated their preference for diplomatic engagement.


There isn’t going to be a war between India and China today - Bertil Linter ( Author of China’s India war)

On India - china war - It was Mao’s war to win the credibility from people after the failure of great leap forward and suffering from famine.

Aisa - There is a new cold war in Asia - An informal alliance between India and Japan and china on other side.

China in Indian ocean - for the first time after 15th century, china is in Indian Ocean now. India has to look to east more than west. It shall develop strong relations with Myanmar.

Boundary issue - china is not interested to find a solution to border dispute. They are looking for a strategic advantage.

Relations with Myanmar : there major issues for India are - lack of infrastructure, Redtapism and Bureaucracy, underground rebel groups operating in india and Myanmar.



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