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Social Media shouldn’t divide society - President Obama

Israel takes India’s vote in its stride.



Post poll chalphal in Nepal

Nepal’s election system - Nepal election system for the lower house is a mix of first pass the post system and proportional representation system. In case of Upper house (National Assembly - Single transferable vote is proposed and it is yet to be approved by the president of Nepal). While the lower house is directly elected by the citizens, members of upper house is elected by provincial and local governments. In this scenario, CPN (UML) contested elections with CPN(Maoists) and won a significant majority in lower house. Though the seats gained by the alliance are significantly high, vote share has no much difference with Nepali congress.

Reservation for women : 33% of seats of Nepali parliament are reserved for women.

Relations with India : Anti Indianism has become the Nepali nationalism in recent days. India support for Madhesi agitation, alleged economic blockade has made the relations worst. Prime Minister candidate K P Sharma Oli still feels that India is responsible for his short tenure in office in previous term. He aims to strengthen relations with China at the cost of India. so, pragmatism and balance can be the way forward for him to protect the national interests of Nepal. India shall actively support and aid earth quake relief work to win trust of Nepalis.


Through the smog screen

Major Reason stated for Delhi’s smog are burning of stalk in Punjab, Haryana. But, Muncipal solid waste and vehicular pollution are the major reasons that are ignored. Separation of solid waste at the source with two bin system, raise in vehicular taxes, clamping on illegal parking, promotion of public transport ca be helpful. What Delhi needs is better urban governance and civic participation to fight pollution.


Unseemly spat

Quiet and reasoned diplomacy between India and Pakistan can help Jadhav to come out of Pakistani prison. Unnecessary media attention, accusatory exchange of words will not be much helpful.


The diagnostic lens

After initiation of vaccine, Japanese encephalitis prevalence is decreased across India. Today other reasons become prominent as causes of acute encephalitis syndrome. In Odisha, Malkangiri  district consumption of wild bean, Called Bad chakunda by malnourished children is cited as a reason. Similarly, consumption of lychee in Muzaffarpur, scrub Typhus in Gorakhpur are cited as reasons.

India need to enable medical research to reach to ground level to understand social and economic causes of disease.



A very flawed law

Triple Talaq is held as unconstitutional and void by the Supreme Court. The draft law by the cabinet - Muslim women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) bill 2017 states that pronouncement of Talaq - e -biddat by a person upon his wife in any form whatsoever shall be void and illegal. Whosoever pronounces such a talaq shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to three years and fine. There are many contradictions and inconsistencies in the law.

They are

As per the supreme court order, pronouncement of triple talaq do not dissolve a marriage. The above law is trying to criminalise an act after conceding that it does not result in crime. As marriage is not invalidated, issue of custody of minor children do not come in to picture. These inconsistencies need to be addressed.

In this scenario, Pakistan has an ordinance that has better addressed the situation. A union council is constituted to receive a notice after announcement of Talaq in any form. With in 30 days, chairman of the council shall constitute an arbitration council and shall try for a reconciliation. Talaq will not be effective till 90 days from the day of notice. Husband will incur punishment if he issues Talaq and do not issue a notice to the council. Similar system can be introduced in India.


Out at sea

India is stated to emerge as a leading power by the National security strategy of USA. It also declared that it seeks to increase quadrilateral cooperation with Japan, india and Australia.

India has to keep the following points in Mind.

While the notion of Indo Pacific sounds grandiose, India shall remember that primary concern for it is Indian Ocean region.

India also should be cautious of any attempts to showcase it as a power to check China’s rise.

There are two ways of doing this

Beefing up Indian capacity

securing interests and then expanding partnerships to fill voids. India and Singapore bilateral agreement on Naval cooperation, Joint mulitlateral exercises with ASEAN countries, Goa Maritime conclave are good initiatives. 





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