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Lok Sabha Passes Triple talaq bill

Lok Sabha has passed triple talaq bill with a voice vote. It makes triple talk Talaq-e-biddat a criminal offence with a jail term up to 3 years.

Other points

BJP claims it as a step towards gender Justice, respect, dignity and equality.

22 islamic countries including Pakistan and Bangladesh have regulated triple talaq.



Testing times

Structural reforms alone offer a viable long term solution to the bad loans mess.

Most of the banks in india suffer from NPA’s. They are expected to raise to 11% of total assets banks possess.  Public sector banks holds most of the NPAs. But, Private sector banks and NBFCs are not an exception.

Insolvency and Bankruptcy code, recapitalisation of Public sector banks can help to address the situation to an extent. But systemic reforms are necessary to end reckless lending by banks. Reducing ownership stake of Government and greater borrowing powers to the RBI to regulate Public sector banks efficiently are necessary.


Growing forests

Rules to implement the compensatory afforestation fund act, 2016 are not yet ready.  In many of the cases compensatory afforestation did not yield expected outcomes for the reason that monocultural plantains have effected bio diversity. Greater involvement of scientific community., new methods to calculate forestloss, independent audit of all connected programmes are essential.


Listen to these four girls

Important lapses in education system in india are

Adolescent psychology is not given due importance in learning of children.

Learning is equated with grades and percentages in exams.

There is an increased stress and burden of learning among school children and adolescents.

Employability has become the objective of learning. Choice of subjects after Matriculation is guided by this.

So, a coherence between curriculum, examination and teacher training is essential.


A 1.76 lakh crore rupees scam - Just notional

Administered price mechanism was practiced in telecom ministry since the introduction of National telecom policy - 1994. It was not newly introduced by UPA Government.

The presumptive loss calculations by CAG have their own limitations. CBI also have estimated the loss as less than 25% of presumptive loss estimates of CAG.

In the process of estimating losses, key policy objectives were missed - universal access, low cost telephony etc.

Bureaucratic paralysis was an outcome of CAG analysis.

In india, there are no guidelines to determine how public resources like spectrum be decided even today. 


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