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30 December 2017


14 killed in Mumbai pub fire

14 people are killed in Mumbai upscale 1 above pub . Violation building codes, safety norms, lack of fire extinguishers are cited as reasons for the loss.


RS likely to send tales bill for select panel

To review the criminality clause of triple talk bill, Rajya Sabha intends to send the bill to select panel.


Lok Sabha amends Bankruptcy law - already discussed.


2 crore and ticking : Assam registry a work in progress - Registrar general of India is releasing a first draft of Indian citizens living in Assam.  It is meant to identify the illegally entered citizens from Bangladesh after march 25, 1971.



Taking on the Gatekeepers

Individual is the basis for constitutional rights and not the communities. It is clearly stated by Dr B R Ambedkar that Individual is the unit of the constitution. Freedom of speech and Expression is a fundamental right that intends to protect artistic expression.

Recent events like warnings on movies like Padmavathi, Jollly LLB2 is a limitation on artistic freedom. The grounds of unrest are based on hurt feelings expressed by certain communities or section of population.

In these circumstances, courts as protector of rights shall take on to the side of artistic freedom. But, they have appointed people from communities deemed to be hurt to evaluate and censor the film. This is an unwelcoming trend to encourage community gate keepers on freedom of speech and expression.

so, it appears that in order to qualify for constitutional protection, a work must have a defined social good or a work need to be testified by a group of people from a community that likely to be offended. It is detrimental to liberal values of our constitution and to our fundamental freedoms.

A necessary reform

A conflict of interest refers to a conflict between a stated public and private interests of an individual. In pubic life, it has to be minimised to maintain integrity and credibility of individuals. As on today, a permission is needed for Bureaucrats to enter in to private sector. No objective criteria are laid out for giving permission. Government has to codify a law to define conflict of interest and the necessary cooling off period for senior Bureaucrats to take up post retirement positions in private sector.


Violators must pay

There shall be zero tolerance towards man made disasters in india. Fixing accountability for fire accidents is critically necessary. To punish the guilty a strong law of torts and a efficient criminal Justice delivery system are necessary. Uphaar cinema hall tragedy is an example how slow Judicial process can affect the Justice. 


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