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01January 2018


Rajnikanth takes the plunge finally  

RajiniKanth, Matinee idol of Tamil Nadu has announced his plunge in to politics. Tamil Nadu politics and cinema has a unique nexus. His politics  would be beyond caste and religion but spiritual.  

Women can perform Haj alone  

Prime Minister Modi stated that Muslim women can go to Haj alone with out a male guardian(Mehram).  

Maoist incidents are fewer in 2017, Government data show 

As per Government data Maoist incidents are below 1000 mark in 2007. Low recruitments, decreasing moral fabric of organisation, weak leadership led to its decline.   

Vacancies, MoP uncertainty stare at SC 

Judiciary is crippled due to increasing vacancies in Judiciary. As Memorandum of Procedure is not yet finalised, procedure for appointment of Judges is getting delayed.  

More channels to train teachers  

National institution of open schooling(NIOS), an Autonomous organisation is given responsibility to train teachers.  


On another New year’s day 

Mahatma Gandhi, 100 years back in a speech at Ahmedabad spelt out three basic necessities - Air, water and grains. He emphasised that swaraj is all about securing these basic necessities. today, we are in the midst of environmental crisis that is depriving every citizen, the above necessities.  

Air - pollution is a big challenge. It effects everyone equally. India today is the largest carbon emitter after china and USA. It agreed to reduce its emission intensity  by 33-35% by 2030 from 2005 levels. After USA left Paris agreement, financial aid to fight climate change become uncertain. Carbon levels in atmosphere are further leading to extreme climate events, water and food crises.  

Water - India is a severely water deprived country. Per capita availability of water has decreased like never before. Scarce water is also about unsafe water and it is estimated that 21% of communicable diseases of India are caused by poor water supply.  

Grain : agricultural distress is majorly related to failure of Government policies to protect farmers. Lack of income security, erratic monsoons are making their life unpredictable and risky. In this scenario it has to be stated that “ the future belong to nations with grains, not guns.” 

By evidence alone  

Evidence not assumptions has to guide investigation and prosecution in criminal justice delivery. If not, rule of law can suffer in the country.  


For a wider pool 

Clinical trial industry is growing by leaps and bounds in India. But, serious quality questions are raised on the standards and procedures of the industry.  

Many of the poor people are volunteering  to clinical trials for financial gain. They do not have a knowledge and consequences of these studies.  

For a successful trial volunteer honesty is essential. Most of the times volunteers fail to give information on pre existing conditions  for the fear of rejection. It can jeopardise the test results.  

So, more sustainable solution is to encourage a wider cross section of society to participate in research on human subjects.  Selectiveness in recruiting subjects for clinical trials leads not only to human rights violations but also to bad science.  

The task before Cyril Ramaphosa  

Cyril ramphosa is the new leader of African national congress. He has to continue in the office after the tainted Zuma regime is thrown out of power. In this scenario, following points need to be observed.  

Subversion of institutions for personal gain can Damage them. Zuma regime exactly did this to South Africa. State institutions are captured by vested interests. Unholy nexus between president and business led to rampant corruption.  

Checks and balances are a fundamental security against the misuse of office. Ombudsman, independent Judiciary ensured removal of puma from office.  

Reality bites Britain  

Brexit is bringing in a new realities in UK.  

How to resolve a hard border between the European nation of Ireland and Britains northern Ireland.  

British industry needs a transition period. EU insists that such a period can only exist if Britain continues to meet EU membership obligations.  

Special terms for London financial services sector are ruled out.  

Trade relations can not be developed with Common wealth nations with out liberal immigration laws. UK is not in favour of immigration norms.  

The liberation of Goa  

In 1961, India liberated Goa from Portuguese control through a military action. It happened inspite of American president JFK, British Prime Minister Harold McMillan and UN secretary general recommended for postponement of action. It was criticised in the western media as a display of Indian hypocrisy.


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