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06 January 2018
Trump regime suspends security aid to Pakistan
USA has suspended military aid - foreign military financing and coalition support fund to Pakistan. Civilian assistance programmes are not included in the suspension.

TN tops in GER in higher Education
TN with 46.9% of Gross enrolment ratio tops in GER in higher Education.

GDP growth seen slowing to 4 year low of 6.5% in 2017-18
Slowing in agricultural, manufacturing sectors, decreased fixed capital formation, consumer demand are cited as the reasons for low predictions on GDP growth by Central statistical office.

Modi to address police officers
Prime Minister Modi will address DGP and IGPs from all states and central police organisations at Tekanpur in MP. Matters for deliberation are Cyber terrorism, impact of social media on society, cross border terrorism, radicalisation of Youth etc.

Memory, Myth and Memorial
The battle over Bhima - Koregan is not just one of history, it is a battle for identity and Equality
History narrates it as a battle between Nationalism and Imperialism.
In Dalit narrative, it is a matter of identity and symbol of their valour against Peshma - a symbol of Brahminical Authority.
For BJP’s electoral project - it is division of hindus on caste lines. A danger to Hindu consolidation in the future.

This too is right
Right to privacy also involves right to sexual privacy. It involves sexual choices including choosing sexual partners. Consented sex among adults - either homo or hetero sexuals can not be interfered by the state. It invariably contains the right to bodily integrity, self determination and sexual autonomy.
To prescribe a criminal punishment for voluntary sexual act is disproportionate. so, adultery is no more a criminal penal offence in west. It is a ground for divorce and alimony rights and not beyond that. India shall take a note of this.

Enabling a law
The right of Persons with disability act provides for all the establishments to provide necessary physical access to disabled. But. Government or private establishments did not take the law seriously. In this scenario, supreme court has imposed deadlines to various public facilities to provide access to disabled. It is a welcome step.
Added to this, Geo location based technology can be effectively used to for provision of services to the disabled.

Game for talks
South Korea and North Korea on a step forward towards talks. The reasons are
South Korea - USA military exercises are postponed to the comfort of north.
South Korea is conducting winter Olympics and participation of Athletes of North Korea can ally the security fears of other countries.
China also expressed concerns on deployment of THAAD missiles in south Korea.

Bengal’s burning shame
Lack of effective detternece, over the counter sale of acid, poor investigation and prosecution leading to low conviction rate made life of acid victims vulnerable in west Bengal. On the other hand, setting up of tribunals to deal with acid attacks, creation of National acid control council, ban on over counter sale of acid made a drastic reduction in Bangladesh.



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