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09 January 2018


Larger bench to decide on Sec 377

Supreme Court has decided to refer homosexual and transgender rights of sexual orientation ( as stated to be violated by section 377)to larger bench. Previously, supreme court in Suresh Kumar Koushal vs Naz foundation case dismissed LGBT community as a negligible part of the population while denying them right to choice and sexual orientation.

A revision is necessary in the light of supreme court Judgement on Right to privacy. It is argued that sexual orientation is integral to human dignity and individual privacy.

Note: A right to sexuality, sexual autonomy and freedom to choose a sexual partner forms the cornerstone of human dignity and is protected under Art 21 of the constitution.


India unveils Pratyush, its fastest super computer

India has launched world’s fourth largest super computer Pratyush, that has peak power of 6.8 petaflops. It is going to be used for climate change studies.


Cyber crime victims can complain online

Ministry of Home affairs is creating an online portal to report cyber related crimes.


Break silos of information : Prime Minister

Prime Minister Modi in his address to top police brass stated that there shall be greater information sharing to fight terrorism, organised crime etc. He emphasised on rising cyber crime in India.


Bharatnet covers 1lakh Panchayats

Government of india as part of its digital India initiative has provided fibre net to one lakh villages.





Dark Clouds across Asia

More disorder is expected in Asia in  2018. The reasons are as follows

India - Pakistan - China triad in the region.

Breakdown of state in Afghanistan and Syria

South Asia - china entry in to Indian Ocean and India’s Neighbourhood.

Internationally, USA - china rivalry

Sunni - Shia conflict, Iran - Saudi cold war in west Asia

Israel Palestine conflict revival after declaration of Jerusalem as a capital by US.


Data Theft

In India there is no legal definition of Personal information and data protection law. Both are important to protect the right to privacy of citizens. As more data is accumulated and centralised, privacy is expected to be breached and a strong legal framework is necessary.


The age of crypto currencies

Crypto currencies are based on block chain technology which can overcome the need for centralised banking systems and ledger maintenance. It can disrupt the banking sector and is born out of distrust to the existing banking sector.

It gives enormous scope of efficiency and cost savings.Any rise in efficiency and profitability driven by technology across the world has created economic divisions. So, crypto currencies with peer to peer orientation renders it more democratic and it can not be socialistic.




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