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11 January 2018


In FDI push, centre allows 49% ownership in AI

Union cabinet decided to allow investment(including foreign) to the tune of 49% in Air India under approval route. But substantial ownership and effective control of Air India shall continue to be vested in an Indian national.

100% FDI is allowed in single brand retail under automatic route. Local sourcing norms are also relaxed. Previously, 30% of the cost shall be sourced locally.


Two tier shield for Aadhar

In an effort to protect individual information, UIDAI  introduced a 16 digit random number mapped with the Aadhar number. This virtual Id will shield real Aadhar number. At any tome, only one valid VID can be active. so, it is to possible to derive Aadhar number from Virtual ID.


PSLV all set to ferry 31 satellites tomorrow

PSLV C40 is expected to put 31 satellites in to low earth orbit tomorrow. In this, primary satellite is Cartosat - 2F. It provides for high resolution images for cartographic, urban planning, rural and coastal applications.



The map of rural deprivation

Landlessness and dependance on casual labor for a livelihood are key deprivations facing rural families. Added to this, small and marginal farmers are also looking for non agricultural work. Immediate source of unskilled job for these groups was provided by the construction work. There was abundant non agricultural work from 2004-05 to 2011-12 for the reason that 11th five year plan has focussed on rural infrastructure. Prime Minister gram sad Yojana is a major program that received prompt allocation of finances.

Keeping rural dishes in mind, Government shall ensure greater allocations to infrastructure in the coming budget.


Not a criminal act

Marriage is a civil contract. But, section 497 of Indian penal code made adultery a punishable offence with 5 years of imprisonment. Across the world it was decriminalised and it was not in India.

Decriminalisation of adultery and making it gender neutral is essential. European countries long back took this path. In India, Law commission and Malimath committee has recommended for making adultery law Gender Neutral but did not recommend for decriminalisation.


Not by diktat alone

Nationalism need not be displayed by citizens to the demands of state. This mandatory display of nationalism can become counter productive. It can give rise to vigilantism, moral policing etc. Added to this, why display shall be made only in cinema halls is not explained. so, it was considered as judicial overreach. Its reversal is a welcome step.


Prescription for future. - differences of NMC vs MCI

MCI is an all purpose body for regulation of medical education, granting permissions for medical colleges, enforcement of medical ethics. Unlike this, under National medial commission act powers are distributed among four autonomous bodies -

undergraduate education

Post graduate education

Medical assessment and rating

Ethics and registration


NMC also consists of non doctors like patient rights advocates, ethicists.


Members of NMC are not elected but are selected. Bureaucracy will host the posts. It is being criticised by doctor groups and associations. In UK, a special body professional standards authority oversees the appointment of members to the general medical council. In India, independant body like UPSC shall be given authority to appoint members of NMC.


NMC also shall fill the gaps in rural health care delivery. so, alternative basic skill based courses can be introduced to fill the gap. Training provided to informal providers in west bengal led to better services. Countries like Thailand, Mozambique also experimented with short term courses. A cadre of rural doctors can be created.






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