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12 January 2018



SC to hear plea against Kerala CMs discharge in graft case

In a first, collegium picks woman lawyer as SC Judge : Indu Malhotra, A senior counsel in SC is recommend as a judge of the supreme court of India. This is the first time a woman lawyer has been recommended for direct elevation from bar.

SC, asks states to set up panels on Mullaperiyar dam : SC of india directed centre, Tamilnadu and Kerala to prepare disaster management strategies.




The road still runs through Ramallah

India’s objective is to dehyphenate relationships with Israel and Palestine.

India wants to disconnect comparison of  Israel - Palestine issue with kashmir.

India aims to progress defence and developmental understanding with Israel.

India has a desire to assert its leadership role on the multi lateral stage, and to regain its leverage on the Israel Palestine issue.

India is committed to two nation theory solution for Israel Palestine issue.

India’s actions on Israel Palestine issue shall be seen from the above objectives.

The visit of Prime Minister modi to Israel and not visiting Palestine is a break away from tradition. Here the objective is to dehyphenate. At the same time, India voted against USA moving its embassy to Jerusalem. It is to assert its independence and to ensure that two nation solution moves forward. India’s expanding defence ties, counter terrorism cooperation, MOUs in agriculture, water technology reflect need for relations with Israel for India’s development.


so, advocating the Israel-palestine peace process is vital for India to restore its influence in west Asia.


The ABC of the RTE

Art 21A introduced through 86th amendment act provides for free and compulsory education to all children in the age group 6-14 years. It is the responsibility of the state. After enactment of Right to Education act, enrolment rates in the schools gone up significantly. but, the challenge is to retain them and ensure quality education.

Focus on retention : enrolling in age appropriate class, prescribing basic minimum standards for schools like providing functional toilet , drinking waters can be helpful.

Quality : pupil - teacher ratio :Number of teachers will determine quality of Education. so, decreasing their governmental and election duties, ensuring a standard curriculum, No detention policy, can improve quality of education.

Decentralisation : Education delivery shall be designed to the needs of a given society. so, academic calendar and curriculum  need to be prepared by local authorities.


Is radio relevant in the 21st century?

Cheap medium of communication - inexpensive and portable , no need of literacy.

New found uses in disaster management

Poor mans entertainment


Competition from alternatives

Over regulation by the Government.




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