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16 January 2018


Differences with Chief Justice not yet resolved

Four senior most Judges raised the issue of selective allocation of cases allegedly stated that there are attempts to trivialise the matter.


Israel seeks big data from India

Israel seeks big data to provide precision agriculture related solution to Indian farmers.


Far recognition for Aadhar validation

UIDAI stated that it is enabling a face recognition feature for the people whose bio metric imprint (finger print) is worn out due to manual Labou or age or any other reason.


Enabling a form of surveillance

Aadhar (targeted delivery of financial and other subsidies, benefits and services) bill, 2016 states that Aadhar is voluntary. but, it was linked to array of services provided by the state that it has become obligatory on the part of the citizen to have it.

The other bigger questions are related to the relationship between state and citizen. State can not force a citizen to do away with his personal information. Art 21 of the constitution guarantees that every person has a basic entitlement to bodily integrity.

Aadhar can facilitate State surveillance on citizens. It makes state a police state at the cost of rights of citizens.

UIDAI has a dual responsibility. To act both as custodian of all the information that it collects and to act as a regulator of the Aadhar database. In such a case, a citizen can not go to a police station to complain about his data breach. It is the discretion of UIDAI.

Aadhar program can exclude individuals from welfare programs. Implementation challenges of Aadhar are many.

Other challenge is related to protection of data. Cyber security challenges are many and how centralised database can be protected is a major challenge.


A new weapon in the carbon fight

Soil can sequester carbon and can increase its own fertility. Soil organic carbon cane increased through reducing soil erosion, no till farming, use of cover crops, nutrient management, applying manure and sludge, water harvesting and conservation, agro forestry practices.


Problem of plenty

Indian agricultural produce suffers from price fluctuations. It is majorly due to over regulated agricultural markets, broken supply chain and  lack of storage facilities for perishable goods. Added to this, farmers need to be educated about expected demand in the coming seasons. Development of appropriate data timely available to the farmers can be helpful.


Restoring the order in court

In the recent controversy related to Supreme Court where four judges have come in to public to explain their grievance, following things need to be noted

Is it appropriate for the judges to come in to open. Will it not dent the credibility of Judiciary and set a bad precedence.

Issues raised by Judges - how they need to be solved?

so, disapproval of the form of protest must not cloud the substance of the grievances.


Tacking govt litigation

Govt is the major litigant in many of the courts in India. To solve the issue, myriad forms of govt organisations and their presentation before the courts need to be understood.

Nature of litigation need to be understood. It varies from organisation to organisation. Credible Internal dispute resolution mechanisms need to be put in place.

Grievance redressal systems for citizen can reduce the litigation.

Quasi judicial authorities need to be trained in judicial principles to deal effectively with land related litigation.


Still a raw deal for many

The world social protection report - 2017 -19 by ILO

It states that public investment in eliminating poverty, reducing inequality is inadequate.




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