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19 January 2018


Supreme Court stays ban on screening padmaavat

Supreme Court of India  of India has stayed orders of the state Governments of Gujarat and Rajasthan to prohibit screening of Padmaavat. It expressed concern and shock that states have guillotined creative rights.


Cooperative federalism is partially in vogue, says KCR

In the spirit of cooperative federalism, Chief minister of Telangana KCR has stated that

  1. Centre shall increase the devolution of funds to the states.
  2. Centre also need to allow states to implement reservation policies in tune with the composition of their population.


Aadhar contradicts the role of the state

State as a custodian of fundamental rights has a  duty on the Government and its agencies to protect the citizens crucial data from commercial exploitation by private corporates. Aadhar is alleged to be allowing access to personal information of citizens to private corporates.


Dual duty

States have a twin responsibility to protect free speech and preserving law and order. Preserving public order can not be an alibi for curtailing freedom of speech and expression. States banning movies for the fear of disruptions from the mob is a surrender to blackmail and intimidation.


Three states

Tripura, Nagaland and Meghalaya go to polls in a changing political landscape.

Tripura though has better human development indices, unemployment and lack of diversification in economy are the major problems.

Nagaland framework agreement and the role of apex naga tribal body, the naga hoho’s call for election boycott looms large.

In both states BJP is expected to replace congress as opposition party.



Towards solar powered agriculture

India must exploit the potential of this technology to help farmers meet irrigation needs. The following steps can be helpful.

  1. Target marginal farmers with smaller solar pumps, particularly in areas with good ground water development potential.
  2. Couple solar pump deployment with micro irrigation and water harvesting interventions with farm and community levels.
  3. Focus on technology demonstration and deploy atlas five solar pumps in each block of the country.
  4. Promotion of community owned solar pumps.
  5. Encourage sharing of solar pumps among farmers through farmer extension programs.
  6. Provide interest and capital subsidy for large scale deployment of pumps.


Should the SC Judges have dissented Publicly?

  1. Substance of protest is more important than the mode of protest.
  2. They have come before the nation after every attempt to protect the institution failed. This itself exposes lack of  dispute redressal mechanisms with in judiciary.
  3. Impartiality in administration of justice is the bedrock of democracy.

On the other side

  1. People trust in judicial institutions can erode if differences comes in open.
  2. It can lead to a breakdown in rank and file. It can create indiscipline. 1997 charter adopted by Supreme Court of India - Restatement of values of judicial life need to be respected,






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