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5 February 2018



Alam beg, martyr of sepoy mutiny, wants to return home

Skull and body remains of Indian sepoy participated in sepoy Mutiny are found to be in a pub in london.


Easier norms may hep Indian firms go global

India’s proposed outward direct investment policy is meant to make easier for Indian firms to grow  global. But, concerns of round tripping are a major hurdle to overcome.


Agriculture needs more than just quick fixes

MSP raise announced by the Government can make Indian agricultural products uncompetitive in international market. The longterm competitiveness of Indian agriculture can be attained only through mechanisation, increased productivity, long term credit and better rural infrastructure.



If that door should shut now

Govt of India has answered supreme court in the context of rohingyas that if refugees are allowed India can become a world capital of refugees. In this scenario, India’s past history is observed it was always a land of compassion. It invited people facing persecution on their land to come and settle in India.

It is either zorastrians (Parsis) from Iran, Dalailama from tibet  , Bengalis from Bangladesh, Tamils from srilanka. If carefully observed mass refugee movement in to India has occurred from Neighbourhood from the people who are facing victimisation.

In statecraft, Bahujana hitaya, Bahujana sukhaya is the rulers dharma. Refuge policy need to be guided by it.


Green shoots of renewal?

Revival of opposition party in Indian politics need a focus on the following

Rural distress

Ability to mobilise different sections of the society on social justice

Pan Indian appeal


Ability to expose divisive, communal agenda of BJP


Limited succour

Budget 2018 does well to focus on senior citizens, but action must be broad based. Rural India has significant population of elderly where budget did not focus on much. It’s emphasis is majorly on income tax concessions on savings.for example, budget has increased exemption limit on income earned through interest on savings to 50,000rs. Annual income tax deduction on health and insurance premiums is raised to 50,000rs. Pradhan mantra gaya Vandana Yojana extended for 2 years.


Crisis in male

President Abdulla Yaseen has defied to enforce supreme court orders to release leaders of opposition and to conduct elections. He also refused Majlis to meet. It threw island nation in to political crisis.  Attorney general announced that only constitution matters and not the court orders explaining reasons for defying.

India and International community has a little leverage on Maldives now and it is in the best interests of yameen to protect democracy.


Understanding HPV vaccines risk

Human papilloma Vaccine is alleged to cause certain side effects like postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, complex regional pain syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome. These diseases are vague and undefined.

Cervical cancer Disease burden in india is very high and objections on HPV can not be a reason to postpone the vaccine.






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