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My Notes 6-Feb-2018 06-02-2018
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Maldives Government declares emergency

In a response to supreme court judgement Maldives Government announces emergency and suspends fundamental rights and supreme court itself.


When two adults marry, none should interfere

SC of India held that marriage is a choice between adult individuals. Khap panchayats have no role to play in declaring them as illegal.



Log term capital gains tax is reintroduced by the Government in budget 2018-19. It is levied on earnings greater than 1lakh rupees with out any indexing to inflation for holdings for a period greater than an year. It is mean to achieve level playing field across different class of assets. Added to this, securities transaction tax already exists.

Issues with long term capital gains tax

  1. It decreases incentive for long term holding of an equity by the holder.
  2. It can make india a less attractive investment destination. It can erode India’s credibility in international markets.

So, 10% long term capital gains tax should be revised by allowing indexation.


Courting the rankings

India’s performance in ease of doing business index on the front of enforcement of contracts is dismal. It is due to poor performance of judicial process. As pert the world bank report , an average time to settle a dispute is 4 years and the cost is close to 31% of the value of contract. That is litigation is too dilatory and expensive in India.

Parliament has passed commercial courts, commercial division and commercial appellate division of high courts act to create special courts for commercial disputes. It was left to the states to implement the law.

To Make it effective, following are necessary

  1. Separate courts are necessary rather than giving additional duty to district judge.
  2. Presiding officers of courts need to be sufficiently trained and experienced in commercial disputes.
  3. Statistical data regarding functioning of these courts need to be displayed on the website.


Making health insurance work

Remember these points

Health insurance schemes can work only if primary health care system in the country is effective. Curative care need to be built on robust primary, preventive care. In this scenario, PHC are being renamed as health and wellness centres is a positive sign.


Challenges of National health protection scheme

  1. NHPS also did not give much attention to out of pocket expenditure to be incurred by patients.
  2. NHPS is too disconnected from primary health.
  3. Proper regulation is necessary on the costs of health care and quality standards in insurance based health care delivery. If not, cost escalations are possible.
  4. States are expected to contribute 40% of the program. To what extent, states will be willing to take forward a centre’s program is a question.
  5. Funds allocated for program appears to be very less.


The anatomy of another riot

Riots in India are becoming a norm rather than an exception. It clearly shows failure of law enforcement machinery, civil society, Media functioning. The reasons for its raise are

  1. Fractured narrative : projection of communalism as  patriotism and not a secular loyalty.
  2. communalisation of  public services
  3. Ineffective legal instruments to fight communalism :
  4. Lack of effective justice delivery mechanism for victims of communalism.




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