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07 February 2018



Likely misuse no ground to strike down Aadhar :

Supreme Court of India stated that mere a possibility of misuse can not be a ground for striking down a legislation.



The Manufacturing muddle

Words and Facts

  1. Inverted duty structure
  2. Share in manufacturing sector did not rise significantly after liberalisation.
  3. Indian manufacturers are unreasonably exposed to competition suddenly after liberalisation.  It could have been a graded exposure.
  4. Labour growth and employment trends : 2000-2004-05 - labour force grew sharply and theya re absorbed in to agriculture sector or traditional services.
  5. From 2004-05, number of entrants to job market reduced. Due to increased schooling and decrease in population. Most of them are absorbed in to construction sector.
  6. From 2011-12 onwards till 2015-16, young people bulged in labour force. but, as other avenues are lacking many of them are absorbed in to agriculture. Manufacturing workforce is declining overall and for youth as well. To an extent, jobs in the services sector increased during this period.

Way forward for India

India has to increase exports and consumer demand for manufacturing sector to revive.


A roster of questions

Collective decision making must inform the allocation of cases in supreme court. The better system can be allocating the cases as per the expertise of judges on a random basis. If matters are subjected to the decisions of an individual there can be a chance of subjectivity.


Winter cheer

Winter Olympics in south korea have many significant political developments to be remembered for .

  1. North Korea is participating in these olympics.
  2. Russian athletes are banned for the reasons of systemic doping / state sponsored doping.


Rethinking protectionism

President trump has stated at Davos that America first does not mean America alone. His strong rhetoric against protectionism appears to be softening.





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