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08 February 2018

Congress carved up nation, ruined democracy, says Prime Minister

India has a democratic tradition form the past. In ancient India, lichhavi, buddhist sangha, gan rajas all accepted conformity and dissent.

Art 356 is the most misused in Indian constitution. It was used more than 90 times to dismiss state governments.


Whats’s wrong with one identity

One nation, one identity through Aadhar can ease or simplify functioning of government. but, it also reduces a life to a number. If Aadhar is not there it can lead to civic death.



Call for democracy

India as a democracy is committed to pluralism, rule of law  political and civil liberties. Is India is interested to export the same to other countries is a major question. Other major democracies like USA are actively interested in promoting democratic values and spirit. If necessary, even by force. but, there are many inconsistencies in Indian policy on this front.

In 2000, India joined community of democracies and Prime Minister Vajpayee has stated that advancing democracy as one of the possibilities of India-USA cooperation. later, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in 2005 launched UN democracy fund which aimed to strengthen democratic institutions across the world.

At the same time, in 2007in reaction to situation in Myanmar foreign minister Pranab mukharjee stated that though India values democracy, it is not interested in exporting ideology.

Indian policy evolution on democracy as an international project can be seen through lens of cold era and China.

The traditional Nehruvian approach prescribed a light Indian foot print in to sovereign realms of other states and minimising interference and coercion. But, 1970’s and 1980’s are the periods of active intervention. Indian military assistance to srilankan regime to fend off radical left wing rebellion in 1971, assistance o emergence of Bangladesh and interference in srilanka against LTTE, operation cactus in Myanmar are few examples.

After 1990’s there is a clear policy of non interference in neighbourhood. 1997 Gujral doctrine specifically spoke of accepting internal problems of neighbouring countries, non exporting of democracy  and developing friendships though positive inducements. It has paved way for strong Indian relationship with military regimes. Ex - Myanmar.

Today, home land security and geo economic considerations dominate our thinking on the issue.


Biologics, patents and drug prices

Indian patent act has many inventions to stop the ever greening of patents. Any patent if needed to be extended

  1. It has to show improved therapeutic efficacy
  2. There shall be a technical advancement over the previous drug.
  3. Patents for combinations can only be allowed if they show synergistic effects
  4. No exclusivity can be claimed on methods of treatment.


In inflation’s shadow

Monetary policy committee has kept the monetary policy rates unchanged. But the fear of inflation is coming large for the following reasons.

  1. Commodity prices are increasing
  2. Fiscal deficit is wide like never before
  3. HRA are increased by Government for its employees,
  4. Raised MSP can increase demand on rural side
  5. Increase in customs duties.


The formal-informal divide

Formal and informal divide coincides with divide between private no finance corporations and household sector. Here house hold sector includes 6.34cr unincorporated non agricultural enterprises in the country.

Decrease in private investments is actually due to decrease in household investment growth. It is majorly due to crowding out of capital from fiscal deficit and decreased credit growth.  so, macro economic stimulus may not be the best policy choice. Urgent fiscal deficit reduction, quick clean up of bad loan mess, restoration of banks health are more likely to revive private investments.


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