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14 Feb 2018



Rift in srilanka’s coalition

Loss of local government elections have widened the rift between srilankan freedom party and united national party.



The danger of counterfactuals

Think on these

  1. One single narrative to explain India’s partition is simplification of history.
  2. Communalisation of Indian society is developed over years. Britishers sown the seeds for that.
  3. Communalism is about considering religion as only basis for social community. Here, religious group feels having a common interest and it can be threatened by other group. When these groups compete for common spatial material resources, it can lead to a conflict. Communalism among majority leads to majoritarianism and communalism among minorities leads to demand for a separate political entity.
  4. Politicisation of religious identities can lead to a massive violence.


How to handle big data

Big data can be useful and can also be misleading. Google flu trends has gone horribly wrong in predicting prevalence of flu. So, big data need to be used along with proper statistical tools.


Ramallah recall

Narendra Modi’s visit signals Indian strategy to grow ties with Israel and Palestine separately - dehyphenation of India’s relations with Palestine and Israel can be better serving Indian interests for the following reasons.

  1. India is seeking help from Israel for its defence, agriculture and technology needs.
  2. At the same time, India is dependant on Arab national for its energy needs.

so, Prime Minister of India has clearly expressed Indian position by calling for a sovereign and independant Palestine country in a peaceful atmosphere. Specifics are leftout.


Woods and trees

India’s state of forests report 2017 states that 24.4% of India’s land area is under forest cover. Environmental policy aims to raise it to 33%. Tree cover is not the same as having a bio diverse, old growth forests. so, forest restoration should aid the return off native vegetation. Added to this, benefits forests cause to flood control and climate change phenomena need to be taken in to national accounts.




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