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21 February 2018


Coal mining open for private sector

Coal mining was nationalised in 1973 and coal India limited got the monopoly on coal mining in India. Now , to increase coal availability for power generation in the country, Government has opened coal mining for private sector.


AAP MLA’s assaulted me: Dei Chief secy

Delhi chief sexy charged AAP MLAs of assaulting him in the presence of CM. It shows the new low in functioning of elected representatives vis a vis Bureaucracy. Lack of clarity of roles between lt governor and elected Government is a major challenge for governance in Delhi and Puducherry.


Nod likely for unified tribunal bill soon

Govt of India expects that unified tribunal bill for Inter state river disputes will be passed in this budget session. The bill aims to replace multiple tribunals for river water disputes with one single tribunal.


Humanoid Sophia steals the show at world IT congress

Humanoid robot developed by David Hanson is able to address and answer the questions of audience at world IT congress in Hyderabad.



A Deeper Malaldy

Bank Scams recently exposed in India shows the weakness of internal controls and audit process in India. In case of PNB, three levels of Audit failed to detect the malfeasance. so, reforms to increase professionalism and corporate governance are essential in banking sector. so, empowering bank managements and reducing political interference and enforcing strict accountability for lapses are essential.


The value of life

Florida shoot out in USA exposes the weak gun laws in USA. 2nd constitutional amendment provides a right to own a gun and republicans are staunch supporters of gun laws in the country.

In this scenario, National rifle association has a strong support base in congress to derail any reform process to dilute gun laws.

President Obama tried to reform gun laws with stringent background checks and to boost funding for enforcement agencies. Trump administration has reversed these initiatives.


The politics of AI

Artificial intelligence works on date generated by the people. Machines are made to understand behavioural patterns of individuals through data generated by Individuals. It made the data most valuable asset today in the world. Future investments and developments in Artificial intelligence are expected to determine future course of prosperity in the world.

  1. There is an exploitation of an individual who is the source of data generation. No compensation is paid to him or to his national Government for using data generated from a country. It is often described as data colonialism.
  2. Monopolies on data capture need to be avoided, Today, five major companies Alphabet, Apple, Amazon , Facebook, Microsoft appears to possess near monopoly on data.
  3. Job losses are expected to happen in AI era. so, ensuring income security to all is a major challenge before the world Governments today.


For clearer, fairer elections

Judgements of Supreme Court to be remembered

  1. ADR vs Union of India - supreme court of India adjudged that, every candidate contesting the elections shall declare his assets, educational qualifications and criminal antecedents.
  2. IN Lok Prahari vs Union of India case as an extension of previous judgement supreme court has adjudged that, a contesting candidate need to disclose the sources of income of self and his associates and Government contracts where candidate or their associates have direct or indirect interests.

Reason sated by supreme court for both the above reforms is - voters need to know about the candidates to make a decisional choice. It is integral to freedom of expression.


  1. SC Judgements are majorly centred around transparency of individual candidates rather than political parties. In india, political parties have an undue control over its members in representative houses, because of anti defection law. It means political parties play a significant role in agenda setting exercise of Government.
  2. Electoral bonds introduced by Government is expected to take away the existing disclosure norms or transparency in party funding.


India remains in the best position to help us - Nasheed

Former president of Maldives Nasheed states that

  1. Rise in the influence of ISIS and land grab by china in Maldives are the major challenges facing the nation.
  2. India is a net security provider in Indian Ocean region and it shall intervene in Maldives to resolve the political crisis.



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