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22 February 2018


Canada will not support separatists. Says Trudeau

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau unambiguously stated that Canada will not support separatist movement anywhere in the world. It is a categorial rejection of his Government support to Khalistan Movement.


Power games

Trust and Relations between centre - state and Bureaucracy and politician are important to run the administration in a Government. In Delhi, politics appears to have taken a primacy rather than pragmatism.

Constitutionally, Delhi is not a complete state and Bureaucracy works under the guidance of Lt. governor. Till this institutional arrangement is changed, elected Government is expected to work in this framework. so, friction with centre will derail developmental work and credibility of the Government.

Bureaucracy, by its nature is expected to be neutral. When there are two power centres lines of responsibility will not be clearly stated. Disrupted unity of command will keep discipline in jeopardy.

Fire and Fury

Syrian regime of Assad is fighting rebels with the support of Iran, Russia and is expected to have a definite victory. But, having little regard for human rights is a major concern.

As the borders begin to close

Remittances is the money sent by the immigrants to their country of origin. Major sources of this for India are west Asia, Europe and USA. India in the largest recipient of remittances from the world. In Kerala, remittances form 1/3rd of state GDP.

Issues in west Asia

  1. Fall in oil prices and rising unemployment are economic concerns of Arab countries
  2. Political uncertainty and crisis leading to regional instability.
  3. Nationalist tendencies in Arab world. Restrictions on immigration.


  1. Growth of right Wing
  2. General apathy of public towards immigration
  3. Increased protectionist tendencies


Issues for India

  1. Creating employment opportunities for workforce that is expected to return.
  2. Current account deficit challenges need to be addressed.
  3. Fall in remittances can worst affect the livelihoods and economy in states like Kerala.

Learning form Cauvery


Water sharing issues need to be depoliticised.

Supreme Court judgement on sharing of Cauvery river water is a win win situation for both the states. Karnataka got increased allocations and Tamil Nadu got a permanent mechanism for release of water in the form of Cauvery management board.

Another aspect that need to be realised by the political parties is that politicisation and rising emotional appeal on water issue do not definitely yield electoral dividends. Electoral outcomes are shaped by a combination of complex factors. so, water issues need to be depoliticised through permanent institutional mechanisms to solve the disputes.

Trump’s India connect

President Trump of USA has deep business connection with India. Visit of his son to India is a mix of business and diplomacy. There is a deep conflict of Interest in this matter. Inspite of this, India and USA relations are expected to move forward for the following reasons.

  1. India and USA have strong military connect and is a major customer to USA. As USA Government is more interested transactional dealings India is a good buyer for it.
  2. Fight against terrorism, concerns of rising china brought them together.

The Israel factor of Syria

Initially, Israel was not deeply involved with Syrian conflict It aimed to fight Hezbollah active in southern Lebanon and assisting Syrian regime. Here the intention is to create a buffer zone between Israel and Syrian borders.

Israel also expected that entry of Russia in support of Syrian regime will decrease the importance elf Iran. This did not happen.

As rebels are losing the ground close to Damascus, they are receding to southern borders close to Israel with the expectation of support from Israel. It can bring Israel in to direct conflict with Syrian regime.




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