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23 February 2018


Canada , india refaced over invite to Khalistan activist

Mr.Jaspal Atwal - A member of international Sikh youth federation banned by India and a convict in killing a Punjab minister is part of the delegation of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. It has become an embarrassment for both the Governments.


Two benches refer lans acquisition cases to CJI

Previously, a three judge bench headed by Arun Mishra have stated a 2014 judgement delivered by another three judge bench as per incuriam. That is 2014 judgment was rendered with out care for facts and the law.

This is criticised as a judicial indiscipline by the Justice Joseph Kurian - part of the bench of 2014 Judgement. In response to this, two benches headed by Justice Arun Mishra and Justice Goel have referred land acquisition cases to CJI.



Talk like a south Asian

Today Indian imagination of south Asia is dominated by china and Pakistan. India has to see beyond this in to the diversities, knowledge and collaboration to understand the region. On the other side, high handedness of India is creating more problems than solving the existing.

so, India has to collaborate to develop a south Asian project through knowledge and culture.


Planning for electric mobility

India is aiming to transform from combustion engines in to electrical vehicles by 2030. Here the challenges are

  1. Coordination between centre, state and local Governments.
  2. Battery manufacturing in India
  3. Charging infrastructure
  4. Loss of Jobs in motor industry.
  5. The best model to move forward


Star war

Kamal Hasan has entered in to political tussle in Tamil Nadu. Rajinikant is expected to follow soon. They are essentially trying to pickup the space vacated by Jayalalitha.

Added to this, politics in Tamil Nadu are polarised between AIADMK and DMK. At the cadre level too these parties are divided. In this scenario, creation of a space of their own can be a difficulty. It can only be possible through people metric manifesto. Tamil Nadu, at this point of time needs alternative politics rather than political alternatives. An alternative political formation that can act as a moral force is necessary.


Saving lives

In India, neonatal mortality rate is worse than countries like Rwanda. It can be decreased through a focus on

  1. Institutional delivery
  2. Early Pregnancy care
  3. Breast feeding
  4. Education of Mother
  5. Effective stocking of essential goods that can keep child warm.

States like Kerala and Tamil Nadu achieved a remarkable success by implementing above.


Is the supreme court verdict on Cauvery fair

  1. Supreme court verdict has given both the states some thing to cheer. Though Tamil Nadu lost 14.5TMC of water, establishment of Cauvery management board will ensure timely flow of water. It reduces burden on Tamil Nadu to reach to supreme court for an order to release water.
  2. There are few grey areas that are remaining. It allocated water to Banglore which is outside the river Basin.
  3. Demand side management of water is ignored in the Judgment.
  4. Ground water estimation is not scientific.

An Umbrella for consumer

A new law is expected to replace the existing consumer protection act, 1986. Highlights of this are

  1. It covers both online and offline sales.
  2. Multilevel marketing, products hazardous to life (product liability action ) is also part of the act.
  3. Central consumer protection authority is appointed with powers to investigate, recall, impose penalties.

The bill provides for the state Government to establish a consumer mediation cell to be attached to each of the district commissions and state commissions.


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