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24 February 2018

Police search Kejriwal house for CCTV footage 
ongoing fight between political and Bureaucratic establishment in Delhi has paralysed the governance. Added to this, it has demoralised employees and made them insecure. Finally, away out has to be found to re establish a working communication between political and permanent executive.


US tightens H1B approval process, IT firms worried

H1B application needs more technical scrutiny and fresh documents from applicants. A company has to produce the necessary evidence that employee performs a niche job for which workforce is not available in USA.


Government behind delay in posting of HC Judges : SC

SC accused Government for its failure to clear timely appointment of High court Judges.


Concerned about new Indian tariffs, says USA official. -

India raised tariffs in recent budget to give a boost to Make in India initiative. USA has raised objections to the same.


Leaders break ground on Afghanistan section of TAPI

TAPI pipeline running between Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India is expected to carry gas from Turkmenistan in to energy starving south Asia.


Virtue of reticence

In a democracy, Military has to be under the control of elected leadership. It helps armed forces in two ways.

  1. It ensures the Trust of the people that it is not Partisan.
  2. Institutionally, discipline can be ensured.

Army Chief Rawat unwarranted comments on demographic change in North East from migration and India’s relations with Pakistan and China is a transgression in to political space. It is condemnable and it can damage institution itself.


Canary in coal Mine

Indian Government recently opened coal blocks for privatisations reversing coal mines nationalisation act passed by Indira Gandhi Government. It can help India to reduce Indian dependance on imported coal. It can boost energy security in india.


Grid Stability is Key

Indian Government has launched Kisan Urja Suraksha evam Utthaan Mahabhiyan to install solar power pumps in agriculture fields. The objective is to install 1 million solar pumps by 2021. It na decrease farmers dependency on grid power and any surplus generated by them can be exported to grid for a revenue. It can form an additional income to farmers.

There are few challenges in this

  1. Grid stability is the key. As solar power generated is unpredictable, stabilising the grid to demand and production is the major challenge.
  2. Costs of solar power and installation costs of solar power can be prohibitive

Solution in the long run is to develop a storage mechanism for energy.


Adopting a wait and watch approach

Iran and India relations are going through a rough path and are more impacted by International developments.

Prime Minister Modi though have declared Iran as a golden Gate for central Asia and Afghanistan, uncertainties of sanctions and trust between the countries are the major drawbacks to take relations forward.




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