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26 February 2018

CPC clears the decks for third term of Xi

Two term restrictions on office for Chinese premier are being removed by the central committee of communist party of china. It can make Xi Jingping the most powerful and lifelong president.


Pan - India super takes last bow, fans heartburn

Sridevi, Indian film star passed away.


Other news

Statute bench to solve conflicts in supreme court.

Cents may enact law against fugitives.

New India needs women as equal partners, says Modi

States can relax highway liquor ban




Relationship adrift

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visit to India is filled with many unwanted fist fights. Victim of this trip is bilateral relations between India and Canada.

India and Canada are plural, open, multicultural societies. so, Expansion of their relations is natural and large Indian diaspora in Canada could have been a glue for these relations. But, Trudeau’s liberal party support to separatist elements of Khalistan movement based in Canada, Ontario provincial legislature  passing a resolution declaring a anti sikh riots of 1984 as a genocide did not go well with India. An assassin of Indian minister appearing in delegation made things much worse. Bilateral relations need an urgent repair.


Justin Trudeau’s discovery of India

India - canada share a warm relation for decades. But, Justin Trudeau’s liberal party’s attitude towards sikh separatists has created a wedge in their relations. Inspite of these, there are important take aways from this visit.

  1. Canada and India signed a framework cooperation agreement on countering terrorism and violent extremism. Both countries agreed to combat this phenomenon in all its forms and manifestations.
  2. Effective coopération on security, finance, Justice , law enforcement and operations.
  3. Prime Minister Trudeau reiterated his support for united India.

Regional and bilateral issues

  1. Dismantling of infrastructure of support to terrorism from across borders of Afghanistan.
  2. Maldivian Government shall end emergency and need to ensure early resumption of political process.
  3. On Myanmar, voluntary, safe and sustainable return of Rohingya refugees was stressed.
  4. Freedom of Navigation and overflight throughout Indo Pacific region.
  5. Prime Minister Trudeau extended strong support for India’s membership of Nuclear supplier’s group.


Canada investments are in rise in India. Civil nuclear cooperation agreement of India with Canada ensured a good , uninterrupted flow of Uranium. Clean and renewable energies are also expected to drive our economic engagement further.


Can Banking recover

  1. The one going discovery of financial frauds is a clear failure of regulation at multiple levels. Finance ministry, RBI, Internal Audit etc.
  2. The issue of crony capitalism plagues India. It is Cleary visible in distorted distribution of financial loans and resultant NPA’s. Corporate borrowers have the overwhelming share of 84% of bad loans. Finance is one of the many ways in which concessions and advantages are distributed.
  3. Privatisation of banks is not an answer for this ongoing financial crisis. It can make things worse for Indian banking. Privatisation can weaken regulation further, rise risk taking attitude and profit motive will drive away the national interest.
  4. Failure of the banks in private sector is much lager and much high in scale. Lehman brother is a standing example.
  5. The way forward is to adhere to sound banking rules and more transparency from public and private players.


Saving the National health service

Britons are very proud of their universal health care system provided by the National health services. It is an hallmark of humane, civilised health care system. It is suffering fro many challenges after Neo Liberal principles started affecting health care sector.

  1. Decreased flow of funds.
  2. Failure to invest in technologies to keep the functioning of system optimal.
  3. Human resources constraint due to regulated immigration.





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