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27 Feb 2018

Bank of Baroda’s role in South Africa’s Gupta scandal 

It is alleged that bank of Baroda officials have provided necessary banking channels for laundering Gupta’s money in South Africa.


A Royal salute to India’s religious plurality

King Abdullah II of Jordan is visiting in india. Jordan is a standing example and Oasis of peace in middle east. It is the custodian of the holy sites in Jerusalem and it has taken a leadership role in countering Extremism and radicalisation of Arab word through what is known as the Aqaba process.

King Abdullah has clearly stated that India have escaped Jihadist influences due to moderate or Hanoi form of Islam followed in the country.


Centre to be all ears at local level

Government of India is establishing a new social media wing to monitor developments in all districts.


Corbyn backs customs union access

Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn has supported UKs continuance in common Tariff area of EU (customs union)


ICAI favours existing audit mechanism

Institute of chartered accounts is opposing the setting of National financial reporting authority to regulate CA profession. Government of India is proposing an oversight mechanism on lines of Sarbanes Oxley act 2002



Life in a deadly democracy

Points to understand

  1. There is a class divide among the communist party itself.
  2. Communist parties in India have agreed to work with in democratic framework
  3. Democracy works on deliberation through public reasoning. Violence has no place.
  4. Demos - people has a responsibility in democracy. Communist parties can not justify violence stating that it is necessary for transformation.
  5. Democratic politics in India have built more on welfarism that provides unlimited access to public services with out the responsibility to deliberate on common good.
  6. In a democracy, citizens are expected to discipline political parties.


Xi Unlimited

China is all set to abolish term limits on presidency. It provides extended term beyond 2023 for president Xi. It is an extension of his control which he holds firm. Xi Jingping thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era is already written in to the party charter.

Mao, Deng are the predecessors whose thoughts were written in to party charter. After Mao, Xi was accorded special stature as core leader.

but, centralisation has its own slippery slope. Concentration of power can go against the Chinese philosophy of collective leadership. It can invite resentment and build personality cult in politics.


The power of persuasion

Scientific temper is essential based on reason, rationality, critical inquiry. Fundamental duties under Art 51A states that it is the duty of every citizen to develop the scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of enquiry and reform.

The biggest obstacle to it is the deep seated habituation and confirmatory bias we hold in favour of superstition. In lay man terms, we are all hypnotised by our past. Added to this, science has its own limitations to explain a phenomenon comprehensively. So, limitations of science are giving a strength to the argument of supported of superstition.

So, persuasion can be a way out. It involves to see the matter from the other person’s point of view and acknowledge the validity of their perception and then bring in its limitations.


Stemming the tide of Agrarian distress

Govt of India announced a slew of measures to increase agricultural productivity and income security to farmers. They are

  1. Extending MSP to all crops and it is guaranteed at 50% over and above the production cost.
  2. To develop and upgrade the existing 22000 rural haats in to gramin agricultural markets.
  3. To increase institutional credit form 10 lakh crore to 11 lakh crore.

Challenges are

A)   There is no perfect formula to identify cost of production for farmers. Added to this , input costs are dynamic and changing. As of now, CACP calculates that based on A 2( all paid out expenses for seeds, chemicals, hired labour, irrigation, fertilisers and fuel) A 2+ FL ( It adds family labour costs to the above) C2 (it is A 2 + FL+ rent paid to leased land, interest paid). For existing crops under MSP, farmers are seeking for C2 and Government is offering A2+FL.

B)    Development of marketing infrastructure needs support from the states. Added to this 2000cr rupees allocated for agri market fund is inadequate. Added to this, there has to be greater focus to link production centres with marketing through agri value chains. Green and perishable goods need to be protected from price volatility.

C)   Targeting of institutional credit to tenants and poor farmers is essential.


Added to this,

  1. Irrigation through installation more solar pumps can deplete ground water further. A location specific policy for irrigation is necessary.
  2. Strengthening of national agricultural insurance scheme by an increase in compensation and timely advice on weather.
  3. Increasing budgetary investment in agricultural research and development.



Don’t discount WaSH - water, sanitation and hygiene are important variables to understand stunting in children. Chronic inflammation can GIT can bring in stunting. It can be ascertained by the differences in height between rural and urban population.

Added to this, Bangladesh was able to reduce open defecation from 42% to 1% in 15 years, it is a remarkable achievement and the reasons for this lie in educating children and using them as whistle blowers on open defecation.


Had Bose lived

Bose has strong following among the muslims is high compared to Gandhi and Nehru. Added to this, his understanding of secularism is clubbed with hyper nationalism based on unity, confidence and sacrifice.






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