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28 february 2018

Maldives rejects invite for naval exercise

Madives has rejected to participate in MILAN - a multi lateral naval exercises hosted by Indian Navy. Extra ordinary political situation in the country is cited as a reason.



The 1947 Singularity

Remember this statement

South African constitution intended to take society from culture of Authority to culture of justification. 


Indian constitution has elements of continuity and change. Most of the colonel administrative structures, laws and institutions are continued in post Independent India. 2/3rd of Indian constitutional provisions are taken from govt of India act, 1935.

Remarkable change that can be stated as radical is universal adult franchise. Irrespective social and economic status, education attainments people are given right to vote. Today’s democratic politics revolves around votes. Poor, marginalised value their vote as a weapon that can change their lives. They value it more than others.

Unlike this, in British India vote is a privilege given by colonial masters, separate electorates, property, education based entitlements reproduced social and economic hierarchies.


South African constitution intended to take society from culture of Authority to culture of justification.  That is, a culture in which every exercise of power and authority must be justified to those who are subject to it, even it is for their good. This philosophy appears to be guiding our courts too. Today, the authority of state is questioned on the premise of constitutional commitment to progressively deepening democracy. In line with this, courts have expanded rights under Art 21, kept restrictions on colonial precedents, ordinance powers of executive.


Going Grey

Financial action task force has kept Pakistan on watch list for its failure to curb financial flows to terror groups banned by the UNSC 1267 committee. It is not the first time Pakistan was listed so and will Pakistan mend its ways is a million dollar question. china,Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Gulf co-operation council have favoured Pakistan is a signal to India to correct its outreach programs.


Cornered by the Quad

Quad represents a grouping of USA, India, Australia and Japan. It is a group appears to contain assertive China. Today, China aims to assert its position through strong infrastructure projects. Al the Quad countries have one or the other forms of opposition to Chinese infrastructure projects.

Sustainability, issues of sovereignty, secrecy , top down approach are the major complaints about it

To counter this, Quad countries also need to invest in infrastructure projects. Already India and Japan are working on Africa- Asia growth corridor linking south east Asia to Africa. To what extent, president Trump will support these is a big question. America’s withdrawal from transpacific partnership casts shadow on its commitment to Asia.



NO discrimination

The very purpose of Insurance is to provide for Health care during an emergency. Exclusions in the form of genetic disorders, pre existing illness and degenerative disorders made in insurance policies are skewed in favour of insurer rather than claimant.

Delhi high court in its latest Judgement has clearly adjudged against the exclusion of genetic diseases in insurance policies . It also state that right to health flows from Art 21 of the constitution and right to health involves right to health care.


I expect the things to get worse before they get better

  1. Social Media is polarising the world.It is expected to become worse soon.
  2. Change brought by technology is happening faster than before.
  3. Extremely centralised or completely decentralised systems do not survive for long. Roman catholic church is able to survive for long because of the balance it maintained between hierarchical and networked system.
  4. Reformation in Europe was made possible because of printing press.
  5. World can be better understood through understanding of networks rather than through a simplistic narrative of class or elites vs masses.





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