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07 March 2018


Sri Lanka declares state of emergency amid violence

Srilanka declared island wide state of emergency to curb growing anti muslim violence in the central province.


North Korea ready for Talks with US

North Korea has expressed its willingness to talk with USA on denuclearisation. In return, North Korea expects that military threats need to be resolved and regime security need to be guaranteed.



Make the Neighbourhood first again

India is sliding to a situation where it is neither feared nor loved by other South Asian countries.

New Delhi’c connect with South Asia Neighbours is weaker than it has been for a very long time. Most of the SAARC countries are not on idea terms with India.

Maldives : Abdul Gayoom Government has gone out of the way to challenge Modi Government in extending emergency, cracking down on opposition, invitation to china for FTA etc.

Nepal : Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli is not the favourite of India.

Pakistan : relations are all time low.

Bangladesh, Bhutan and Sri Lanka  : elections are near by and it can raise nationalistic sentiments in these countries and India can be shown as a country arm twisting with them.



  1. Hard diplomacy of India : India tried to arm twist with Maldives and it responded by moving close to china and declining to participate in Milan Naval exercises. Prime Minister Modi decision to abruptly cancel his visit to Male in 2015 did no good. 2015 Nepal Blockade has pushed KP Sharma Oil Government to move closer to china and signed a trade and transit pact.

2. China factor : china has strategic assets in Many south Asian countries. so, unlike in the past it is ready to intervene in political affairs of these countries. Actually, India is placed in a better position to do this. For instance, china brokered political mediation on Rohingya crisis between Bangladesh and Myanmar, today it is involving in Maldives, Afghanistan.


so, the way froward is

  1. India shall realise its strength in the region is in soft diplomacy rather than hard diplomacy. so, increasing development assistance can be helpful.
  2. Resolving differences with south Asian countries and reviving SAARC process. There are many learnings for SAARC from ASEAN. Small countries be allowed to lead and there need to be more informal meetings between the leaders to develop a comfort for negotiations.
  3. India shall collaborate with china on issues where interests of small countries are involved. For instance, BCIM corridor.


After the Tripura set back

Loss of Tripura form left is a clear failure of the party to understand changing political dynamics and aspirations of people. If left politics need to come back in to relevance following steps are necessary.

  1. Class adversaries are declining in society. Rise of aspirational middle class need to be taken note of.
  2. Identity politics are gaining strength. For example Tripura, resurgence of Tribal identity of indigenous people has changed election outcome.

so, a curse correction is necessary in left politics to remain as a strong ideological pole in Indian politics. New ways of mobilisation and articulation with new generation of youth is important.


Sharp correction

Stocks may be set to experience more volatility than in the last few years.the reason are

  1. Fundamentals of Indian corporate sector are still weak. Stock market grew ahead of fundamentals.
  2. Rising interest rates. As economy is improving across the world, monetary policy is expected to be tightened. It decreases liquidity.
  3. Weak banking sector performance and increasing bank fraud.
  4. Growing protectionist measures across the world.


It is time to have a debate on proportion representation - Interview with former chief election commissioner SY Qureshi

  1. Electoral bonds - on positive side, they can change the form, how the political parties are receiving finances. But, secrecy is increased never before.
  2. Removal of cap on corporate donations : cap existed to avoid quid pro quo. Removal of it can encourage crony capitalism.
  3. State funding of elections : National electoral fund has to be created and state funding of political parties can be practical as monitoring is easy.
  4. Simultaneous elections: multiple elections can hamper governance, increase divides between the people. On the other hand, In india vote is an important weapon for poor people. In a federal county, simultaneous elections can blur the judgement of voter between state and national elections.
  5. Proportional representation : india can try for mixed system as like in Germany.





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